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Fiberglass Antenna
Fiberglass Antenna
Fiberglass Antenna
Fiberglass Antenna
Fiberglass Antenna
Fiberglass Antenna

Fiberglass Antenna

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Notice: The included antenna connector is RP-SMA male and it is fully compatible with RAK's WisGate Developer Gateways and Hotspot Miners. For compatibility with other devices, please check their documentation. If you want to know more about the connectors used in our devices you can see this blog.

Product Description

The Second Generation of RAK LoRa Antennas is a high-performance omnidirectional monopole. All LoRa bands are supported.

To choose the appropriate antenna with regards to the LoRa frequency of your region, please refer to the TTN's guide, and/or the Regional Parameters Documentation provided by the LoRa Alliance.

Key Features

3dBi 5.8dBi
Frequency Range (MHz) 860 - 930 860 - 930
Gain (dBi) 2.6 ~ 3.1 5.1 ~ 5.8
VSWR 2.5 2.0
Beamwidth 360 degrees 360 degrees
Impedance  50 Ohms 50 Ohms
Polarization Vertical Vertical
Type Dipole
Radome Body Fiberglass Fiberglass
Connector N-Type Male N-Type Male
Bracket Inclusion No brackets included. 2pcs brackets
Dimensions 360 ± 10mm 800 ± 10mm
Operation Temp  -20ºC~ +65ºC -40ºC~ +60ºC
Storage Temp  -30ºC~ +75ºC -30ºC~ +75ºC


    • 3dBi Inclusions:
      • 1x Antenna
      • 1x Pigtail interface converter
    • 5.8dBi Inclusions:
      • 1x Antenna
      • 1x Pigtail interface converter
      • 2x Mounting brackets


    Questions and Answers

    • What is the beam height?

      You can check the datasheet, there are antenna diagrams for a number of the frequencies in the band.

      You should be able to get the beamwidth for your desired frequency from there.

    • Do these antennas require (or benefit from) a ground plane? And if so, do you sell a suitable ground plane?

      Require would be a no. Benefit probably, however, I cant ascertain it as I have not tested it. The casing/board acts as the ground plane one way or another I suppose. We sell no ground planes. I might be limited in my knowledge, however from what I have seen it would seem pointless to try to extend the range beyond what you get with the big antenna as it is, right? I mean LoRa is quite long-range already and in an urban scenario, I am pretty sure you will be bottlenecked by the capacity rather the range, especially as the networks start really scale.
      This is my opinion though, please if you have a different one or you have some comments do share :)

    • What is the length of 3db and 5.8db lora 915Mhz antenna?

      3dB ->360 ± 10mm 5.8dB ->800 ± 10mm

    • Hi, is there any possibility you will consider making this antenna with a female N-type connector?

      Honestly not likelly. Our Gateways are with Female ports so this will not be usefull for them, thus there should be a good reason to produce a large quantities of those as they will not fit the Gateways anymore. If it were that we had a large quantity order perhaps, but for small numbers it would a lot more expensive.

      Naturally, if you offer a solution we would consider it.

      What would be the application you are working on so you require such an antenna?
      You can mail me with details at if you would like to share details.

    • Can I able to connect this antenna directly with RAK811 WisNode Lora Module using Pigtail interface converter which is given along with this antenna???

      Yes, you should be able to do this.

    • Hello, I want to purchase a Fiber Glass Antenna - 5.8dBi - N-Type to iPEX is it the right one to connect to RAK2245 Pi HAT Edition? Thank you

      Yes, you are right you need the one with the N-type to iPEX in order to fit it to the iPEX connector that is on the RAK2245.

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    Netherlands Netherlands
    I recommend this product
    Good working Antenna for Lora / TTN

    Essential mounting parts were missing but with some DIY I could make it operational and fit on my existing pole

    Alex D.
    Canada Canada
    I recommend this product
    Good product ships slow

    Quality build, but ships slow to Canada. Communication not great once purchase is made either.