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WisGate Edge Lite | RAK7258 | Gateway for LoRaWAN
WisGate Edge Lite | RAK7258 | Gateway for LoRaWAN
WisGate Edge Lite | RAK7258 | Gateway for LoRaWAN
WisGate Edge Lite | RAK7258 | Gateway for LoRaWAN
WisGate Edge Lite | RAK7258 | Gateway for LoRaWAN

WisGate Edge Lite


Gateway for LoRaWAN

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Notice: Due to the world’s shortage of components and the high demands, RAK7258 WisGate Edge Lite is temporarily out of stock. We recommend RAK7268 WisGate Edge Lite 2, which is an upgrade for RAK7258.
RAK7268/RAK7268C WisGate Edge Lite 2/2+ runs WisGateOS and has the same function and hardware platform as RAK7258. Please check the links below for more information.

Here are the main specification of the two models:


WisGate Edge Lite


WisGate Edge Lite 2


Core processor

RAK634 based on MTK7628

RAK634 based on MTK7628

LoRa concentrator

RAK2247 (SX1301)

RAK2287 (SX1302)

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Product Description

The WisGate Edge Lite is a full 8-channel LoRa Gateway with built-in Ethernet connectivity for a straightforward setup. It has an onboard Wi-Fi setup that allows it to be easily configured via the default Wi-Fi AP mode.

As with the other RAKwireless Industrial Gateways, it also supports MQTT Bridge mode, with the option for TLS authentication.

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is supported to serve cases where wall or ceiling mounting is required without the need to install additional power lines.

The open source software for the management and configuration of this gateway device is based on OpenWRT. It has a built-in LoRa packet forwarder and a graphical user interface, allowing for a quick set-up without giving up the freedom of a fully customized solution.

The Gateway has Line-of-Sight (LoS) ranges of up to 15 km, while for highly urbanized environments it can cover more than 2 km. It is Class A and C compliant and is a perfect solution for any LoRaWAN use case scenario.

The WisGate Edge Lite package includes a LoRa antenna, mounting screws, and anchors. It is a full 8-channel LoRa Gateway with built-in Ethernet connectivity for a straightforward.

Complete documentation of this product can be found on our website documentation page

Key Features

  • Full LoRaWAN® Stack support (version 1.0.2)
  • 100M base-T Ethernet with PoE (802.3 af)
  • Multi back-haul backup with Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular (optional LTE Cat 4)
  • OpenWRT software supports with Web UI for easy configuration and monitoring
  • Can integrate with both private (ChirpStack) and public (TTN) Network Servers
  • Built-in LoRaServer for easy deployment of applications and integration of Gateways
  • TF card for log backup


  • Product Dimensions: 260mm x 200mm x 50mm
  • Product Weight: 0.4kg
  • Package Inclusions:
    • WisGate Edge Lite
    • LoRa antenna
    • Mounting screws
    • Anchors
    • Power Adapter


    Questions and Answers

    • Hi, is the RAK7258 has RCM certification in order to be deployed legally in Australia and New Zealand ?


      The RAK7258 does not have RCM, only FCC and CE.


    • What is the estimated fastest shipping time to Norway?

      Standard shipping is 5 to 7 days worldwide.

    • Planning to use the gateway (LTE) in Sudan. Frequency should I look for? Can I extend the antenna by cable to have it outdoor?

      The LoRa Alliance has not defined a license-free band for Sudan, thus you will have to inquire with a government official for this information.
      As for the antenna, yes you can definitely extend it or even get a larger antenna, we offer the following: https://store.rakwireless.com/products/fiber-glass-antenna. In the link, you can choose between a medium and large antenna and get the appropriate cable, in the case of RAK7258 you would need the N-type to SMA.

    • Hi, I wanted to implement downlink from appserver to end node using Internal built-in Lora server. How to implement that?

      Use the link to configure your Gateway, Application and add your Device: https://doc.rakwireless.com/rak7258-micro-gateway/lora-network-server If you have already done so you can find the Downlink tab as shown in the figure:


    • Hi, I think I will need a 1.0.3 stack because of the DeviceTime commands (DeviceTimeReq, DeviceTimeAns) Do your gateways have an uograde path to 1.0.3 LoRaWAN?

      As of now there is no support for 1.0.3. I am not aware of any plans for future upgrade.

    • Hi, Can the USB port support USB GSM dongle for back-haul? Thanks.

      No, this ins not a part of the firmware features. I would suggest you get the LTE version of the Gateway.

    • Can I upgrade the non-LTE version by installing an LTE-modem later? Or I must bye a new RAK7258 with LTE-modem?

      We do not support such an upgrade.

    • Does this device support downlink channel(s)?

      Yes, it has full LoRaWAN 1.0.2 support.

    • Does non-LTE version support 3G?

      The non-LTE version has no cellular modem at all, so no support for 2,3,4G etc.

    • I’m in Australia and I’m wanting to know if I get the AU915 version can I use AS923 without having to change card? Also do they come with AU power plugs?

      If you are referring to the LoRaWAN frequency, yes you can change it in the Web UI. As for the plugs, I actually do not know. I have to check, but there is no one to ask at the Weekend.

    • How do I set up my RAK7258 with LoRaP2P?

      RAK7258 does not work in P2P mode. As a matter of fact, no Gateway (RAKwireless or another brand) works in this way. Gateways listen on all channels, on al SF at the same time. If you want to work in P2P mode you simply need to have 2 LoRa Nodes.

    • How do I set up my RAK7258 with LoRaP2P?

      RAK7258 does not work in P2P mode. As a matter of fact, no Gateway (RAKwireless or another brand) works in this way. Gateways listen on all channels, on al SF at the same time. If you want to work in P2P mode you simply need to have 2 LoRa Nodes.

    • My gateway connects to the Internet through a 4G sim, but my cellular provider assigns it a public address (10.x.x.x) ¿How could I access the gateway remotely? ¿Zerotier or similar?

      You can simply do an SSH session if you have a public IP Adress.

    • Can I use the rak7258 as a MIFI router besides LoRa Gateway?

      Yes, it can indeed function as a MIFI router. Apologies for the delay.

    • Hi there, I'm looking at buying this unit, how do I get it to send messages (data) directly to Azure IoT Hub? Thanks!

      We have no manual on how to do this as of now, however, it is similar to the One for the RAK2245/2247. Please go through it and if required post a thread on the forums (forum.rakwireless.com) if you need further assistance. https://downloads.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/Azure-IoT-Edge-Gateway/Application-Notes/

    • What POE standard does it use? Eg can it be powered from an 802.3af/at the switch?

      The supported POE is (IEEE 802.3af). So it should be able to be powered up by the switch you mentioned.

    • Hello, Is the RAK7258 gateway compatible with LoRa Server V2 or V3? Is downlink for class C supported? (frequency 923MHz in the US) Thank you,

      What exactly do you mean by compatible? There is class C support.

    • What countries can the LTE modem in the RAK7258 be used in? I'd like to use it in New Zealand.

      You can use it in New Zealand. There is support for bands B3, B7, and B28, so you should be OK on any of the carriers.

    • are both Abe to connect to The Thing Network?

      Yes, All RAKwireless Gateways are able to connect to TTN.

    • Which processor is used and what is the frequency of the processor? Is it AWS Greengrass compatible?

      The processor is an MT7628, at 580MHz. Currently, we have not compatibility with AWS Greengrass.

    • How does this compare performance wise to the raspberry hat version?

      RAK7258 and RAK2245 Pi HAT are very similar as far as RF parameters go, due to their Concentrator modules being very similar. The RAK7258 has the RAK2247 Concentrator module.
      Both have -139 dBm sensitivity. Max Tx power is 25dBm for the RAK7258, where the RAK2245 has 27dBm. This is not really relevant as most bands are 24dBm limited for now.
      Both are full Multi-channel Gateways, assuming you use the RAK2245 with a Raspberry Pi version. 
      RAK7258 has an LTE version, RAK2245 has an LTE HAT - RAK7243C if you want to buy the whole Gateway.

      RAK7258 has PoE, RAK2245 does not support it with the Pi
      RAK7258 is OpenWRT based, not completely open-source, but easier to manage with Web UI, Open VPN client, packet buffer (via SD card)
      RAK2245 has GPS, RAK7258 doesn't

      In a nutshell RAK7258 full gateway with Ethernet (PoE), wifi, optional LTE. Easier to config and manage, let prone to tinkering.

      RAK2245 full gateway, but you need to add an MCU, does not come with one unless you get the RAK7243C. Has GPS, optional LTE hat, fully open-source, however, geared towards tinkerers and makers.
      Less intuitive interface and out of the box features.

      Might I ask what use case scenario you need a LoRaWAN Gateway for? Perpahs I can recommend one over the other?

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    Nice indoor gateway

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    Highly recommend seller A++++.with fast delivery and prompt support. I received some part damaged caused by transportation. I inform to the seller. They sent new one to me.