RAK8212 iTracker Pro
RAK8212 iTracker Pro
RAK8212 iTracker Pro

RAK8212 iTracker Pro

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Product Description

The RAK8212-NB iTracker is a versatile developer board aimed at aiding in quick prototyping using NB-IoT. The board includes a vast array of connectivity options (NB-IoT, BLE 5.0, and GPS) and sensors like (accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and humidity temperature and pressure sensor). At the heart of the module is the venerable Nordic nRF52832 BLE chip. The NB-IoT connectivity is provided by the Quectel BG96 module (with embedded GPS). The board provides an SWD interface for programming the nRF52832 core (using J-link). The combination of BLE and NB-IoT provides for a flexible, low power consumption development environment. The device is suitable for a myriad of applications, ranging from telemetry to live tracking and environment sensing.

Designed with Reducing Time to Market in mind.

Complete documentation of this product can be found on our website documentation page.

To properly use this product, make sure to purchase a compatible Emulator Kit. We recommend that you directly buy from SEGGER Microcontroller's site to ensure that you get a genuine product.

Key Features

  • Quectel BG96 Nb-IoT Module (with embedded GPS)
  • Bands: B1/ B2/ B3/ B4/ B5/ B8/ B12/ B13/ B18/ B19/ B20/ B28/ B39 (for Cat M1 only)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE)
  • Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor, Humidity/Temperature/Pressure Sensor
  • Comes with a converter board UART (Micro USB Connector)


  • Board Dimension:  43mm x 38mm x 18mm
  • Package Weight: 0.2kg
  • Package Size: 1cm x 1cm x 1cm
  • Package Inclusions:
    • 1pc RAK8212 developer board
    • 1pc GPS Antenna
    • 1pc PCB Antenna
    • 1pc Battery Line
    • 5pcs Dupont Line


    Questions and Answers

    • Hi,RAK 's STUFF I want to use RAK8212 in Japan. Are there any external antenna that meet Japanese standards?

      Apologies, however, I am not familiar with Japanese antenna requirements. As a matter of fact, I did not know there are such at all, as in other regions there are no limitations to antenna size/gain as long at the EIRP is within the limits. Could you please point me to those requirements, so I can check and perhaps recommend an antenna?

    • Will the version with LTE-M module still be available? I can not see the option on your web page, however it is still sold on Aliexpress. How long will RAK8212-M will be available?

      The RAK8212-M is still available. You can order it via the aliexpress store for now. We are updating the official rakwireless store and will soon have a listing for it. Currently, the plan for it is to be retired in September. You should be free to purchase it till than.

    • Hi, nice development board. Is a production version for outdoor testing also available or planned, or is the idea that customers integrate it themselves?

      The board is compatible with our IP67 enclosure: https://store.rakwireless.com/products/pnp-sensor-box-with-solar-panel   The initial idea was to be offered separately, with the optional enclosure for the developer to integrate it into their projects. There are plans to make it a complete solution, which is going to be realized within a month, as we release our new line of nodes. For now, I can recommend getting the box separately if you consider it to fit your needs. It an optional solar panel. There are battery and solar panel connectors on the board which you can wire yourself. Additionally, the LTE antenna included with the RAK8212 will not fit in the casing, thus you would need another, smaller one. Would you be interested in such a product? An Nb-IoT node like the RAK8212 that comes with an IP67 casing, a solar power and a Li-Ion Battery (around 3000mAh) included?

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