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LoRaWAN Antenna Deployment Bundles

Our curated collection of LoRaWAN Antenna Deployment Bundles. Each bundle is designed to cater to specific deployment scenarios, ensuring optimal performance for your LoRaWAN gateway. Whether you're setting up indoors, outdoors, in areas prone to lightning, or need flexible mounting options, we have a tailored solution for you. Our bundles are customizable with a variety of antenna options, allowing you to choose the perfect dBi rating for your specific needs.

Indoor Deployment Solutions

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For setups within buildings, where signal strength and interference can vary.

  • Desktop Antenna Kit:
    • Ideal for: Office spaces, homes, and indoor areas where a compact and efficient antenna setup is needed.
    • Benefits: Enhances signal strength and coverage within indoor environments. Easy to install on desks or shelves.
  • Antenna Window Installation Kit:
    • Ideal for: Situations where window placement offers a clearer line of sight to outdoor LoRaWAN devices.
    • Benefits: Minimizes indoor signal obstructions, leveraging window positioning for improved connectivity.

Outdoor Deployment Solutions

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For external setups, where environmental factors and coverage area are key considerations.

  • Simple Antenna Mount + Lightning Protection Bundle:
    • Ideal for: Outdoor setups in regions with frequent lightning and harsh weather conditions.
    • Benefits: Provides robust lightning protection while ensuring stable antenna mounting.
  • Flexibility Antenna Mounting Bundle:
    • Ideal for: Diverse outdoor environments where flexible antenna positioning is crucial.
    • Benefits: Offers various mounting options to optimize signal coverage and strength.
  • Optimized Positioning Antenna Bundle:
    • Ideal for: Maximizing signal reach in large or complex outdoor areas.
    • Benefits: Enables strategic antenna placement for enhanced network performance.

Specialized Deployment Solutions

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For specific needs combining indoor and outdoor elements, or requiring both flexibility and protection.

  • Optimized Positioning Antenna Bundle and Lightning Protection:
    • Ideal for: Outdoor areas needing both optimal antenna placement and protection against lightning.
    • Benefits: Combines strategic positioning with safety measures for uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Flexibility Antenna Mounting and Lightning Protection Bundle:
    • Ideal for: Versatile outdoor installations where lightning risk is a concern.
    • Benefits: Offers flexible mounting options along with robust lightning protection.

Choosing the Right Bundle for Your Scenario

To assist you in selecting the most suitable bundle, consider the following factors:

  • Location: Indoor vs. Outdoor
  • Environmental Conditions: Weather patterns, lightning risk, etc.
  • Installation Flexibility: Fixed vs. versatile mounting options
  • Coverage Area: Size and complexity of the area needing coverage

Feel free to contact our support team for personalized advice based on your specific deployment scenario.