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8dBi Fiberglass Antenna | Supports 900-930MHz
8dBi Fiberglass Antenna | Supports 900-930MHz
8dBi Fiberglass Antenna | Supports 900-930MHz

8dBi Fiberglass Antenna

Supports 900-930MHz

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Note: The included RP-SMA to N-type cable with the antenna is for indoor use only.

Product Description

This is a high quality outdoor antenna designed to be deployed outdoors, for better range. The antenna connector is one with the antenna body, because this design increases the resistance of the antenna to external conditions further. It is IP67 rated, making it weather proof. It is designed to work in the sub-GHz bands like US915, AU915, AS923.

The coverage that this antenna provides makes it ideal for deployment outdoors in a high altitude spot within the outskirts of an urban area or a small village, where there is a very low number of other buildings and people in general. In such a scenario it is likely that the signal will be able to cover a longer distance until it reaches the intended recipient of the transmission. If you need the transmission signal to reach the opposite side of the urban area or other near enough located villages or cities, it is likely that this antenna will provide you with the needed coverage.

As this is a higher range dBi antenna, it is designed to provide better, fuller and more stable coverage for devices that are situated far away from it, as opposed to a lower dBi antenna, which would be able to do the same for devices that are situated close to its location. The general logic related to the difference between a higher dBi antenna and a lower dBi antenna is best understood by viewing the picture below.

The exact shape of coverage for antennas in general resembles that of a doughnut, while the exact radiation pattern for the currently discussed 8dBi antenna can be viewed on the picture below.

Overall the specs of this particular antenna are a great fit for use with a Helium hotspot, such as the RAK Hotspot V2 or MNTD Hotspot, mostly because you will be able to reach a great number of witnesses in areas that are far away, such as villages or cities, especially if you manage to install it high and close to the top of a building, where it would have a direct line of sight towards the very slightly visible buildings in the far away distance.

An example for a good deployment of such an antenna in relation to other Helium hotspots nearby can be seen on the image below.

Product Notice:

  • If selected with the N-type to RP-SMA Connector Type the antenna will include a converter cable, making it fully compatible with RAK's WisGate Developer Gateways and MNTD and RAK V2 Hotspots. For compatibility with other devices, please check their documentation. If you want to know more about the connectors used in our devices you can see this blog
  • This antenna is too long to be attached directly to a gateway/hotspot enclosure's N-typo connector. To avoid damaging the connector especially in windy season, we recommend using a feeder line cable and securing the antenna with brackets, away from the enclosure.

Shipping notice: Due to the length of the antenna, the shipping cost will be 50USD.

Connector Options

  • IPEX: Small connector found on our concentrator cards like the RAK2287
  • RP-SMA: Connector found on our commercial and developer gateways and Helium™ Hotspots like the MNTD and RAK Hotspot V2

      Product Features

      • Frequency: 900-930MHz
      • Gain: 8.0dBi
      • VSWR: ≤1.5
      • Beamwidth: 360 degrees
      • Impedance: 50 Ohms
      • Polarization: Vertical
      • Radome Body: Fiberglass
      • Connector: N-Type Male
      • Bracket Inclusion: 2pcs brackets
      • Dimensions: 900 ± 20mm
      • Operation Temperature: -30°C~65°C
      • Storage Temperature: -30°C~75°C

      Package inclusion

      • 1x Antenna
      • 1x Pigtail interface converter
      • 2x Mounting brackets


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      Questions and Answers

      • Nearest helium hotspot in my city is 5km away. do you think that 8DBI antenna will be sufficient to reach this hotspot?


        This all depands on where the antennahotspot will be mounted. If the greater portion of the distance is unbstructed it will be possible.

        However if both hotspots are at glound level and there is nothing but buildings (as opposed to free space) between the two hotspots it is unlikelly.
        In any case you will get significant range improvements with the antenna. Just use the following general rules as a guideline.

        1. Position the antenna as high as possible.
        2. Make sure there are as little direct obstructions between the two points (line of sight) if possible.
        3. Try to has as short of a cable as possible between the antenna and the hotsport to reduce the attenuation and noise.
        4. Think of lightning protection as this will be outside.


      • Does this work for outside environments?


        Yes, it is specifically designed for outdoor environment.


      • Will this work for the EU hotspots?

        This 900M-930M is not suitable for Europe. But our EU based fiberglass 8dbi antenna will be ready soon(in around 10days)


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      I recommend this product

      Works Awesome!

      Earning good with my Bobcat!

      Hans B.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product

      Antenna Review

      I did not get a significant improvement changing to this 8 dBi from a 5 dBi. In my location it did not make much difference.

      United States United States
      I recommend this product

      The best antenna in the market

      Gustav K.
      United States United States
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      Haven't been able to use it yet...

      I have not been able to use this item yet, since my miners have not been delivered yet. I'm sure it's a great product.

      Ben G.
      Canada Canada
      I recommend this product

      Great Product

      Great - shipped on time, works as advertised.

      United States United States
      I recommend this product

      Amazing antenna

      Great antenna overall. Build quality is great and sturdy. Saw a huge jump in earnings in the first hour after I installed it. The included mounts help with an easy fast set up and the cable is a good length to reach my hotspot. Definitely would buy it again and I already recommend it to 2 of my other friends!


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