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QingPing Temperature & Humidity Monitor for LoRaWAN
QingPing Temperature & Humidity Monitor for LoRaWAN
QingPing Temperature & Humidity Monitor for LoRaWAN

QingPing Temperature & Humidity Monitor for LoRaWAN

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The QingPing Temp & RH Monitor Pro S is a professional-grade sensor designed for precise monitoring of temperature and humidity levels. It is specifically tailored for greenhouse applications and can withstand extreme environmental conditions. With its precision accuracy, the monitor ensures optimal growing conditions for plants, enabling users to achieve maximum productivity.

Equipped with wireless connectivity, the Temp & RH Monitor Pro S allows for easy installation and eliminates the need for complex wiring. It offers remote monitoring capabilities, enabling users to conveniently monitor greenhouse conditions from anywhere at any time. The device supports configurable reporting and notification options, keeping users informed about critical changes in temperature and humidity levels. With its broad frequency compatibility, the monitor offers flexibility for different regions and environments.

Note: Do not place this product in an environment with humidity higher than 90% for long-term use.

Key Features Highlights of the QingPing Temp & RH monitor:

  • Low Power Consumption: Can operate for up to 99 days without charging or battery replacement. 
  • Long Range: Can transmit data over long distances, making it suitable for indoor environments with obstacles that may interfere with wireless signals. 
  • Cost-Effective: Less expensive in general than other wireless technologies, making them an affordable solution for in-building connectivity.
  • Easy Deployment and Maintenance: Simple to deploy and manage. Devices can be easily added or removed, making network management easier.
  • Reliable: Designed for high reliability and can automatically switch to backup channels if interference is detected.
  • Customized data recording and reporting intervals: - Reading reporting interval: 10 minutes (Minimum), 24 hours (Maximum) - Reading recording interval: 1 minute (Minimum), 60 minutes (Maximum)
  • Alarm function: An alarm notification is sent when the temperature, and humidity readings reach the set threshold, when the device goes offline, or when the battery power runs out
  • Easy to Mount:Inside the package, you can find a wall sticker. Remove the cover film and stick it on the wall or other surface you have chosen. Hang the product on the sticker afterwards
  • Wide Measurement Range for Professional Usage:The product comes with a high-accuracy sensor from the Swiss company Sensirion. The measurement range is -20 ~ 50°C (-4 ~ 122°F) for temperature and 0 ~ 99.9%RH (non-condensation environment) for humidity. Professional implementation for multiple scenarios, including plants, warehouses, malls, supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies, wine cellars, greenhouses, etc. * Please do not place this product in environment with humidity>90% for long term use.

Use Case 1: Smart Home Climate Control with Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Temperature and humidity sensors are widely used in smart home climate control systems. These sensors monitor the temperature and humidity levels in different rooms of a house and enable the system to intelligently adjust the HVAC settings. By collecting data from these sensors, the system can activate cooling or heating mechanisms based on the room's temperature, as well as activate dehumidifiers or humidifiers to maintain optimal humidity levels. This dynamic control ensures a comfortable and healthy indoor environment while promoting energy efficiency. With continuous monitoring and adjustment, smart home climate control systems provide personalized and convenient control over the home's climate, enhancing user comfort and reducing energy waste.

Use Case 2: Laboratory and Production Environment Control

Temperature and humidity sensors are essential in laboratory and production environments, where precise control of environmental conditions is crucial. These sensors enable accurate monitoring and regulation of temperature and humidity levels, ensuring optimal conditions for experiments, research, and production processes. In laboratories, temperature and humidity sensors help maintain the desired temperature range and humidity levels, preventing any adverse effects on temperature-sensitive experiments or samples. In production environments, these sensors ensure consistent conditions for manufacturing processes, preventing moisture-related issues and ensuring product quality. Overall, temperature and humidity sensors play a vital role in maintaining the stability, accuracy, and reliability of laboratory and production operations.

Included in the package:

    •  1x  Temp & RH Monitor
    •  1x USB Cable
    •  1x Wall Sticker


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    Product Reviews

    Temperature Humidity
    Range -20 ~ 50°C  0 ~ 99.9%RH 
    Accuracy ±0.2℃@0 ~ 50℃ ±2%RH@10% ~ 90%RH
    Resolution 0.1°C 0.1% RH

    General specifications

    • Power Supply: 2600mAh Lithium battery 
    • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C 
    • Screen size:61.21 × 48.72 mm
    • Relative Humidity: 0% to 99% (non-condensing) 
    • Product Dimensions:77.2 × 77.2 × 27.8 mm129 g
    • Installation: Wall Mounting 
    • Bluetooth:Bluetooth 5.0
    • Configuration: BLE Configuration via Mobile App 
    • Power input:5V⎓1A

    Wireless Transmission 

    • Technology: LoRaWAN® 
    • Frequency: IN865/EU868/US915/AU915/KR920/AS923 
    • Mode: OTAA/ABP Class A