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Analog UniDirectional Microphone Kit

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Note: For a working solution you must select a Core (Audio or RP2040) and WisBlock Base board below.

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Get your WisBlock listening to you! The WisBlock Analog UniDirectional Microphone Kit includes an analog unidirectional microphone (RAK18041) and the RAK18040 - Analog Mic to I2S module. This kit allows you to listen for sounds in a forward direction while reducing sounds from behind the microphone.

The WisBlock Analog UniDirectional Microphone Kit includes:

  • RAK18041 - Analog UniDirectional Microphone
  • RAK18040 - Analog Mic to I2S module
  • RAK18040 Microphone Cable


  • Simple Stack - In a simple stack all the boards are screwed together. This is best used when working with the WisBlock Audio boards on your desk.
  • Non-RAK microphone mounting - In a Non-RAK microphone mounting the boards are screwed together except the microphone. The microphone is connected via an FFC and is mounted separately (normally to your case to allow the microphone to hear the audio outside of the case).

All the Screws and cables needed to stack the modules together

Note: You will also need to purchase a base board and WisCore.

The Arduino and Voice Processing versions can be used with WisBlock Audio. The Voice Processing version includes a Cyberon License. Please check our Comparison Table for more information.


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