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Indoor Air Quality Solution Kit
Milesight NB308 LoRaWAN Indoor Ambience Monitoring Sensor
Milesight NB308 LoRaWAN Indoor Ambience Monitoring Sensor

Assessment of Indoor Air Quality Solution Kit

Including Milesight NB308 LoRaWAN® Indoor Ambience Monitoring Sensor

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Product Description

Assessment of Indoor Air Quality Solution Kit is a plug and play solution dedicated in monitoring air quality on location where indoor air parameters are important. This kit can assess CO2, particulate matter, TVOC, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, illuminance and even motion using its built-in PIR sensor. This solution is an end-to-end solution bundle which is composed of gateway for LoRaWAN and LoRaWAN compatible wireless temperature and humidity sensor.

This out of the box solution has pre-configured gateways and devices which provides smooth user experience. You only need to power up and connect the gateway to internet, put the battery in the sensor, then scan the QR code on the device to automatically generate a working dashboard.

You can take full ownership of the device using a claim code and start working with your own dashboard design and setting of alerts and notifications.

Note: The software license included in the solutions bundle is free but with limited feature. If you need more than 7 days of data retention and dedicated customer support, you need to purchase a dedicated license.


  • Plug and play LoRaWAN end-to-end solution experience focused on indoor air quality monitoring.
  • Air parameters monitored:
    • CO2
    • Particulate matter
    • TVOC
  • Ambient parameters monitored
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Barometric pressure
    • Illuminance
    • Motion via PIR
  • Gateway for LoRaWAN supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet with POE and Cellular connection.
  • LoRaWAN device is highly reliable, easy to mount and has a durable form factor.
  • Built-in dashboard by scanning QR code attached on the device.
  • Upgradable license for longer data retention and dedicated customer support.
  • User full ownership via claim code.


  • 1 pc RAK7268V2 Gateway
  • 1 or 3 pcs NB308 Sensor devices
  • Free dashboard for each sensor device on Datacake up to 5 devices with option to upgrade


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