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Chirp Gateway Extended Position and Mounting Outdoor Antenna Kit
Chirp Gateway Extended Position and Mounting Outdoor Antenna Kit
Chirp Gateway Extended Position and Mounting Outdoor Antenna Kit
Chirp Gateway Extended Position and Mounting Outdoor Antenna Kit
Chirp Gateway Extended Position and Mounting Outdoor Antenna Kit

Chirp Gateway Extended Position and Mounting Outdoor Antenna Kit

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Please be aware that our kit does not include the Low Loss LMR extension Cable as a default component. To ensure the kit's full functionality and avoid any inconvenience, it is crucial to select the desired cable length using the "Check to Include" option during the ordering process. Failure to select the cable may result in the kit being delivered without the necessary extension cables, rendering it unusable or limited in its capabilities.


What is The Chirp Network?

Chirp is harnessing the power of decentralization to build the world’s most robust and seamless IoT network.

Their flagship IoT gateway that doubles as a hotspot, The Chirp Gateway, is a dual-band gateway operating in localized network bands and global 2.4 GHz to keep IoT devices connected anywhere in the world.

The decentralized network of the future will be hosted by Chirp’s users. Chirp Gateway keepers will earn $CHIRP just for hosting the network and the right to earn $CHIRP rewards by participating in the Cardinal Fundraising.

Unlock Ultimate Flexibility with the Ideal Positioning Mounting Kit for Chirp Gateway.

Designed to overcome the challenges of difficult environments and constraints, this comprehensive solution empowers you to choose the ideal location for your antenna, ensuring optimal performance and coverage. Perfect for areas where the antenna is lower than surrounding buildings or structures, this deployment type minimizes the risk of lightning strikes while providing maximum flexibility.

With our Ideal Positioning Mounting Kit, you can easily extend the connection between your antennas and the Chirp Gateway using the versatile Pulsar cable. This cable allows you to place your antennas precisely where they can capture the strongest signal. Whether you need to elevate your antennas for improved line-of-sight or position them in unique locations, the Pulsar cable provides the freedom to optimize the Chirp network.

Securing your antennas is effortless with our included A-fix brackets. These brackets offer sturdy support, ensuring that your antennas remain securely in place even in challenging outdoor conditions.

The bundle includes our top-of-the-line LoRa antenna, available in various gain options such as 8dBi or 5.8dBi fiberglass antennas optimized for the 900-930MHz and 858-878MHz frequency ranges. Choose the antenna that best suits your specific requirements and experience exceptional performance and reliability.

What antenna to choose?

Chirp Gateway original come with 5dbi LoRa Sub-G Antenna and LoRa 2.4G antenna. If you want to only extend the position of the default antennas, select the Without LoRa antenna option.

Based on your location and the closeness of the Chirp Gateway you can choose the 5.8dBi antenna if the other Hotspots are nearby as you will be able to provide more reliable network coverage. You can choose the 8dBi antenna if there are no other Chirp Gateway close to you, to provide long-range coverage for the IoT devices.

What mounting solution to choose?

Our bundle also includes an Antenna Mounting Kit, featuring a collection of different shapes of mounting poles and rods. This comprehensive assortment ensures that you will find the perfect solution to install your antenna no matter the location. Whether you need a pole, rod, or any other shape, our Antenna Mounting Kit offers the versatility to overcome any installation challenge.

Bundle Inclusion

  • 1x LoRa antenna (make a selector: 8dBi 900-930MHz, 8dBi 858-878MHz, 5.8dBi)
  • 1x A-fix bracket
  • 1x Angle Mounting
  • 2x Antenna mounting kits
  • 2x Pulsar cables(optional)--Selectable 1pc each for RAK9731 and RAK9732

     Antenna Extension Kit Inclusion

  • 2x Angle Mounting Plates
  • 2x Antenna mounting kits
  • 2x Pulsar cables (optional )--Only RAK9732 can be selected


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