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Discover the Benefits of the RAK Hotspot V2 and RAK10701 Field Mapper Bundle | Maximize Your Helium Network Impact and Rewards

Discover the Benefits of the RAK Hotspot V2 and RAK10701 Field Mapper Bundle

Maximize Your Helium Network Impact and Rewards

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This bundle is not just about hardware; it's about empowering you with the tools to optimize and expand your Helium network efficiently. Here's what you can achieve with the RAK Hotspot V2 and RAK10701 Field Mapper:

Enhanced Network Planning with the Field Mapper

  • Find the Ideal Hotspot Location: Utilize the Field Mapper's discovery mode to scout the best locations for your RAK Hotspot V2. Assess where you can achieve the widest coverage and reach the most hotspots.
  • Identify Coverage Gaps: Pinpoint areas in your network that need improvement. By understanding where coverage is weak, you can strategically place your RAK Hotspot V2 to strengthen the network.
  • Real-Time Network Insights: Stay informed about the health and performance of your Helium network. Use the Field Mapper to verify network and GPS information on the go.

Increased Earnings with RAK Hotspot V2

  • Superior Mining Performance: The RAK Hotspot V2's high computing power means better performance in Proof-of-Coverage challenges, especially important in high-density areas due to HIP 83.
  • Future-Proof Your Mining Efforts: With its potential for multi-mining capabilities, the RAK Hotspot V2 positions you at the forefront of Helium network developments.

Combining Tools for Optimal Results

  • Comprehensive Solution: Together, the RAK Hotspot V2 and RAK10701 Field Mapper provide a full suite of tools for anyone serious about maximizing their participation and rewards in the Helium network.
  • Asset Tracking Capabilities: Utilize the Field Mapper as an effective asset tracker, with its integration into Helium Cargo, adding more value to your Helium network involvement.

Elevate Your Helium Network Experience

With the RAK Hotspot V2 and RAK10701 Field Mapper bundle, you're not just purchasing equipment; you're investing in a solution that enhances your ability to build, understand, and benefit from the Helium network. It's a strategic choice for anyone looking to optimize their Helium mining strategy for maximum coverage and rewards.

RAK Hotspot V2 

RAK Hotspot Miner V2 is a ready-to-use indoor gateway for LoRaWAN® powered by the Helium LongFi™ Network. It is an efficient Hotspot for building and providing coverage for The People’s Network while earning rewards for it in the form of Helium tokens (HNT).

RAK10701 Field Mapper for Helium 

RAK10701 Field Mapper for Helium is a Plug & Play, ready-to-use Helium mapper.

  • You can verify the network and GPS information directly from the RAK10701 Touchscreen.
  • You can also use the Field Mapper for Helium as an asset tracker. Since it is pre-integrated into Helium Cargo, you will be able to track anything with it.
  • This device is pre-integrated on three different platforms including Helium Cargo, Helium Mappers, and Coverage Map.
  • If you want to integrate the device on your own console, just turn on the custom mode setting and integrate the device wherever you want.

    Integrations included:

    • Helium Cargo
    • Helium Mappers
    • Coverage Map 


    RAK Hotspot V2

    • RAK Hotspot V2
    • 3dBi LoRa antenna
    • Helium hotspot onboarding fee included ($40)  
    • First location assert fee included ($10)
    • Power adapter (country-specific)
    • 1ps 32 GB SD Card

    Field Mapper for Helium

    • 3dBi antenna
    • Type-C charger
    • 3500mah Battery
    • Low power mode
    • 200k Helium Data Credits


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