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MNTD. Fi Pro Outdoor Hotspot | Extend Mobile Coverage Outdoors and Earn MOBILE Rewards
MNTD. Fi Pro Outdoor Hotspot | Extend Mobile Coverage Outdoors and Earn MOBILE Rewards
MNTD. Fi Pro Outdoor Hotspot | Extend Mobile Coverage Outdoors and Earn MOBILE Rewards

MNTD. Fi Pro Outdoor Hotspot

Extend Mobile Coverage Outdoors and Earn MOBILE Rewards

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Connect your community to better mobile coverage with the MNTD. Fi Pro, and get rewarded with MOBILE tokens! Designed for easy deployment, this outdoor device is your gateway to joining the Helium Mobile Network, a next-generation decentralized cellular carrier network.

Why Choose MNTD. Fi Pro?

Plug-and-Play Installation: Set up is a breeze with MNTD. Fi Pro's minimal setup requirements. Just install it on your roof, near windows, or any strategic outdoor location, and you're good to go!

Earn as You Empower: Every MNTD. Fi Pro unit not only enhances local mobile coverage but also earns you MOBILE tokens for contributing to the Helium Network's coverage and performance.

Optimized for Outdoor Use: Robust and weather-resistant, the MNTD. Fi Pro is designed to perform in a variety of outdoor settings, from residential streets to parks and commercial areas, maximizing coverage and rewards.

Dynamic Coverage™ with MNTD. Fi Pro

  1. Deploy: Easily install the device in optimal outdoor locations to maximize coverage.
  2. Manage: Use the Helium Mobile Builder app to manage your device and track your earnings in real time.
  3. Earn: Receive MOBILE tokens as rewards for providing valuable network coverage and data transfer services.

Technical Specifications

For those interested in the detailed capabilities of the MNTD. Fi Pro, our datasheet provides all the information you need. Download Datasheet

Join the Helium Mobile Network

Whether you’re in a bustling city or a remote location, the MNTD. Fi Pro is your partner in building a decentralized, community-powered mobile network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Helium Mobile? Helium Mobile is expanding Helium Network’s decentralized approach by incentivizing the community to deploy and maintain Hotspots, thus providing robust and widespread coverage.

What’s the difference between Indoor and Outdoor Hotspots? Outdoor Hotspots, like the MNTD. Fi Pro, offer extensive coverage suitable for outdoor environments. In contrast, Indoor Hotspots are tailored for dense, indoor public spaces.

Ready to Start?

Got your MNTD. Fi Pro? Head over to our Quick Start Guide to get it up and running quickly and efficiently. Visit the Quick Start Guide

Trademark Notices: “Helium Mobile” and the Helium Mobile logo are trademarks of Nova Labs, Inc. Helium is a registered trademark of the Decentralized Wireless Foundation, Inc., used under license. Rewards are subject to network governance and are not guaranteed.

What’s in the Box?

  • MNTD. Fi Pro Outdoor Hotspot
  • IEEE 802.3at PoE Injector with a 1.5m ethernet cable

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