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Outdoor Hotspot Enclosure and Antenna
Outdoor Hotspot Enclosure and Antenna

Outdoor Enclosure and Antenna Kits for RAK/MNTD Hotspot

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This kit, specifically designed for RAK/MNTD Hotspots, includes a robust outdoor enclosure and an outdoor antenna. You can choose from various dBi antennas to best suit your deployment location's requirements. The kit also comes with a PoE injector and PoE splitter to power the Hotspot, along with all necessary accessories to deploy your miner outdoors effectively.

For optimal coverage and increased earnings, we recommend deploying your miner outdoors. Check the average daily HNT rewards in your area here.

Deploy your hotspot in a position with good visibility to the other Hotspots to improve earnings and earn more than the network average rewards. 

  • Most Rewards are from Witness Now.
  • Your hotspot with proper setup and a good line of sight around it, will help you get more rewards.

    Included in the package:

    • LoRa® antenna (5dBi or 8dBi based on your selection).
    • Outdoor enclosure with all accessories included:
      • Outdoor Enclosure Kit
      • PoE splitter Type-C USB (in 48 V; out 5 V/2.4 A)
      • PoE injector (in 100-240 V; out 48 V/0.5 A)
      • Power cord for the PoE Injector
      • Zip tie, PVC tape, and waterproof tape
      • Antenna cable type RG1.32, with N-type to RP-SMA male connectors.

    Outdoor Set up Example

    Hotspot Name: Mini Burgundy Toad

    Set up Photos

    Location: Portugal

    Proper Location with Line-of-Sight:

    Hotspot Name: Skinny Felt Vulture


    Screenshot to representing the line of sight of one of the most profitable hotspot in Portugal.


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