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Dual IO Base Board
multi slot WisBlock Base Board
Dual IO Base Board - multi slot WisBlock Base Board

WisBlock Dual IO Base Board


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Product Description

The RAK19001 is the newest WisBlock Base Board. With 2 IO slots for large modules and 6 sensor slots for sensors, GNSS modules and similar, it opens the WisBlock to more complex applications where many modules are required. As additional feature, it has all GPIO's exposed on a solder pad that makes it easy to connect other (third party) modules. Other features are - Solar panel connector - rechargeable battery connector - separate connector for non-rechargeable batteries - USB type C connector - User definable button - On/Off switch on the base board.


  • Flexible building block design, which enables modular functionality and expansion
  • High-speed interconnection connectors in the WisBlock Base board to ensure signal integrity
  • Multiple Headers and Modules Slots for WisBlock Modules
    • Two (2) IO slots
    • Six (6) Sensor (A to F) slots
    • All key input-output pins of WisBlock Core are exposed via headers
    • Access to various communication bus via headers: I2C, SPI, UART, and USB
    • One user-defined push button switch
  • Power supply
    • Supports both 5 V USB, 3.7 V rechargeable battery, and 3.3 to 5.5 V non-rechargeable battery as power supply
    • The power supply for the WisBlock modules boards can be controlled by the WisBlock Core modules to minimize power consumption
    • Slide switch to select between a rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery
  • Size
    • 60 x 67 mm

Package Inclusion

  • 1 pc RAK19001
  • 1 pc USB Cable
  • 1 pc Battery Cable
  • 22 pc M1.2*3 Screw
  • 8 pc M2.5*4 Screw



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