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Sensor Adapter for Click, QWIIC and Grove Modules


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Product Description

RAK1920 is a WisBlock Interface which extends the WisBlock system with the option to connect sensor breakouts from MikroElektronika, Sparkfun and SeeedStudio to WisBlock.

RAK1920 is the interface to all Click! boards of MikroElektronika. Its second connector supports all 3.3V modules of Sparkfun with the QWIIC connector. And it has two Grove-compatible connectors. The ­first connector is for all I2C and digital IO Grove sensors from SeeedStudio, the second one supports UART and analog Grove sensors.

RAK1920 combined with the RAK4631 WisBlock Core gives your solution an interface to standard sensors of MikroElektronika, Sparkfun, and SeeedStudio. This interface is the bridge between such sensors and LoRaWan® communication, LoRa® point to point connections, or BLE.

RAK1920 is ideal for battery-powered applications because the WisBlock system allows to power down the module completely to reduce the power consumption of the system even more.

Key Features

  • Sensor adapter board to connect Click!, QWICC based, and Grove-based sensors to WisBlock.
  • Small form factor
  • 1 Click! compatible slot
  • 2 Grove compatible connectors
  • 1 QWIIC compatible connector
  • 3V and 5V sensor support
  • PTC thermistor to prevent output power overload

Packaging Inclusions

  • 1pc RAK1920




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