WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro | RAK5010
WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro | RAK5010
WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro | RAK5010
WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro | RAK5010
WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro | RAK5010
WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro | RAK5010
WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro | RAK5010
WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro | RAK5010
WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro | RAK5010
WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro | RAK5010

WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro


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Product Description

WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro (RAK5010) is a tracker with integrated LTE CAT M1 & NB1, GPS, BLE, and sensors. It is built on the Quectel BG96 LTE CAT M1 & NB1 module, which has an integrated GPS receiver. The MCU running the board is a Nordic nRF52840 controller.

As it has both GPS and BLE it can be used for outdoor and indoor scenarios, where location-based services need be present.

The built-in sensors for RAK5010 are temperature and humidity sensor, motion sensor, pressure sensor, and light sensor, while the RAK5010-M model features just the temperature and humidity sensor and 3-axis motion sensor for a reduced price. The extension IOs allow adding more sensors in addition to the on-board ones.

This board is particularly suitable to be used as a quick testing and prototyping tool for applications requiring NB-IoT connectivity. Application development supports the GCC environment.

To properly use this product, make sure to purchase a compatible Emulator Kit. We recommend that you directly buy from SEGGER Microcontroller's site to ensure that you get a genuine product.

WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro has no solar board and PNP Sensor Box by default. You need to select it on the options above in order to include these options on your purchase.

Key Features

  • Quectel BG96, with LTE CAT M1, LTE NB1, and GNSS
  • Nordic nRF52840, with BLE5.0 and long-range BLE.
  • nRF52840 integrates an ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-M4 (64Mhz) microcontroller
  • Built-in sensors of RAK5010 model:
    • Humidity and temperature sensor
    • Pressure sensor
    • 3-axis motion sensor
    • Ambient light sensor
  • Built-in sensor of RAK5010-M model:
    • Humidity and temperature sensor
    • 3-axis motion sensor
  • iPEX connectors for the LTE and GPS antenna and an on-board ceramic antenna for the BLE.
  • nano-SIM and ESIM options.
  • Can be powered by either Micro USB, 3.7V rechargeable battery or a 5V Solar Panel Port
  • Multiple interfaces, I2C, UART, GPIO, ADC


  • Product Dimensions: 41mm x 38mm x 16mm (with headers)
  • Product Weight: 30g
  • Inclusions:
    • 1pc RAK5010 or 1 pc RAK5010-M
    • 1pc GPS iPEX Antenna
    • 1pc LTE iPEX Antenna
    • 1pc Micro USB Cable
    • 1 pc Battery Line


Questions and Answers

  • What is the quantity pricing for this board? 50+, 100+, 500+?

    You can mail us here for a price list: inquiry@rakwireless.com.

  • Hi, is this Arduino IDE friendly? Thanks.

    At this point, there is no Arduino IDE compatibility. You could try the forums, perhaps someone in the community has contributed something I am not aware of, that might be of help: https://forum.rakwireless.com/

  • Hi, Does this board have FCC certification to be used in the USA? Otherwise, what documents do I need from you to make the presentation to the FCC agency?

    No FCC certification. We can not say when this will be done, as for what you need to do it yourself I would advise talking to the FCC directly.

  • does it works in india?

    Yes, it has worldwide band support.

  • Where do you get the JTAG mentioned in https://doc.rakwireless.com/rak5010-wistrio-nb-iot-tracker/burning-of-firmware-into-the-device? Also, is there a need to burn the firmware when we receive the unit from RAK?

    You can get a Jtag here: https://store.rakwireless.com/products/emulator-kit

  • What is the iPEX connector on the back side for?

    This port is for an External BLE antenna, however, you have to rework the board.

  • Support GPRS comunicaciones?

    The module supports EGPRS.

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