RAK7205 LoRa Tracker Node - RAKwireless
RAK7205 LoRa Tracker Node - RAKwireless
RAK7205 LoRa Tracker Node - RAKwireless
RAK7205 LoRa Tracker Node - RAKwireless

RAK7205 LoRa Tracker Node

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Product Description

The RAK7205 LoRa tracker board is built upon the RAK811. At its core is an STM32L1 microcontroller driving Semtech’s SX1276/78 LoRa chip.

GPS is present as well as a number of sensors. The aforementioned makes the board suitable for rapid application development, such as asset tracking, vehicle management, location-based services, environmental monitoring, etc. Additionally, because of its low power consumption in sleep mode, it can provide a long lasting solution for any battery powered project.

The support for AT commands makes configuration a breeze. For advanced users is open source support in case a custom firmware is required.

Complete documentation of this product can be found on our website documentation page. 

Key Features

  • RAK811 (STM32 MCU + SX1276/78)
  • GPS + Accelerometer
  • Environmental sensor
  • Battery + Solar Power Included with the box
  • IP67 Environmentally protected casing


  • Product Dimensions: 150mm x 90mm x 90mm
  • Package Inclusions:
    • RAK5205 board
    • GPS antenna
    • LoRa antenna
    • Jumpers
    • DuPont lines
    • Micro USB cable
    • 3200mAh Li Battery
    • Case, screws, and mounting brackets
  • Is there a programmable microcontroller included in the rak811 or rak5205 in this package, or do i need to combine this with an arduino or similar in order to have a programmable IoT endpoint?


    Both products have STM32L151 builtin. You can use it or an external MCU.


  • Where is the source code located at so I can review?


    The latest firmware source code is not avaolable. You can use the RUI in order to build your code. Please take a look at the forum thread.


  • Is it possible to develop custom application firmware ? Do you provide compiler toolchain/IDE for the development ?

    Hello Sir,

    As of right now the only supported one is GCC.


  • Question: Although on this web page, the "Key Features" indicates battery is included but the "Packing" does not indicate anything about the battery. Is the battery included in the package and what is the mAhr rating of the battery? Suggestion: On the "Product Description" on this page, the LoRa chip mentioned as RAK881 should actually read as RAK811, I guess.

    Hello Sir,
    Indeed you are right, the errors have been fixed. The battery is 3200mAh.

  • Can not see the RAK7205 in documents link

    You can refer to the following documentation folder for information on RAK7205. The board itself is a RAK5205. https://downloads.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/WisTrio-LoRa-RAK5205/

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