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Srcful Energy Gateway | Your Energy. Your Power.
Srcful Energy Gateway | Your Energy. Your Power.
Srcful Energy Gateway | Your Energy. Your Power.

Srcful Energy Gateway

Your Energy. Your Power.

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Transform Your Energy Management and Earn Rewards with Srcful

Join the renewable energy revolution with the Srcful Energy Gateway. Seamlessly connect your solar panels and batteries to our intelligent system, and earn SRC tokens for sharing your energy data. It’s more than just a product; it’s your entry into a sustainable, flexible and decentralized energy future.

Is Your Energy Resource Compatible?

Make sure that the inverter linked to your solar panels or batteries is compatible with the Energy Gateway

Decentralized Virtual Power Plant – Empowering Renewable Energy

Srcful is at the forefront of promoting renewable energy adoption. By owning an Energy Gateway, you become a vital contributor to an intelligently managed, community-driven energy network. Your participation helps challenge traditional centralized energy systems, earning you SRC tokens as a token of appreciation.

Connect and Earn

  • Mine SRC Tokens: Lead the way in decentralized energy services and be rewarded for your early involvement.
  • Visualize and Compare: Engage with the community by exploring and comparing your energy contributions.
  • Global Network Map: Witness the expanding landscape of connected Energy Gateways.

Srcful: Your Energy. Your Power.

With Srcful, you're not just a customer; you're a part of a sustainable energy revolution. Every Energy Gateway added amplifies our collective impact on the environment and energy systems worldwide.


What is the Srcful project about?
Srcful primarily exists to accelerate and facilitate the expansion of renewable energy sources. Srcful aims to build the world’s largest virtual power plant (VPP). We build the VPP by connecting Decentralized Energy Resources (DERs), such as solar plants and battery storage, into a decentralized network. 

How does it work? 
By connecting your solar inverter to our Energy Gateway, you will be rewarded for your verified green energy production. In a later stage, you will also be rewarded for letting us control your solar plant, to help stabilize the energy grid. 

How do I contribute to Srcful?
By buying an Energy Gateway and connecting it to a compatible solar inverter. See the list of compatible inverters.

Where can I read more information about Srcful?
Visit to learn more about Srcful. You can also join Srcful’s Discord community here

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