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WisBlock Blues NoteCarrier | RAK13102
WisBlock Blues NoteCarrier | RAK13102
WisBlock Blues NoteCarrier | RAK13102
WisBlock Blues NoteCarrier | RAK13102
WisBlock Blues NoteCarrier | RAK13102

WisBlock Blues NoteCarrier


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Product Description

The WisBlock Blues NoteCarrier opens the cellular IoT world to the WisBlock Eco System in a new and easy to use way. The RAK13102 comes with a Blues.IO NoteCard that can connect to cellular networks worldwide. (Check coverage of the Blues NoteCards on the coverage list).

All Blues NoteCards come with 10 years and 500MB cellular data plan that can be upgraded based on usage.

The RAK13102 device comes with a Blues NBGL-500 Notecard that works in most countries and supports LTE-M, NB-IoT and GSM networks.

Connect your WisBlock Solution through a cellular connection without dealing with AT command sequences and settings for different local cellular providers. The Blues NoteCard can be set up and used with simple JSON commands. It includes a GNSS location function and sensors for temperature, humidity, and an acceleration sensor.

With all these features the combination of the LoRaWAN capable WisBlock Core modules, the RAK13102 NoteCarrier and the Blues NoteCard enables the easy development of IoT devices that are not limited to one method of connectivity. The cellular connection can be used as a fallback for the LoRaWAN network or vice versa.

For an accelerated start we are offering as well the Blues.ONE variant. A ready to use assembled device with our Unify Enclosure, external LTE antenna and a location tracker application that can communicate over LoRaWAN and use cellular connection as a fallback.

Possible applications

Cellular and LoRaWAN featured location tracker
Environment sensors with fallback to cellular if the LoRaWAN connection is down.
Industrial control systems using cellular and LoRaWAN connection as secure double connection to receive commands.


  • RAK13102 WisBlock IO module with M.2 connector for Blues NoteCard V1 or V2
    • Compatible with Blues NoteCard V1 or V2
    • 10 years and 500MB cellular data plan
  • Blues NoteCard NBGL-500
    • Supports LTE-M, NB-IoT and GSM networks
    • Bundled with 10-years and 500MB of cellular data. No cellular subscriptions, SIM fees, or monthly minimums apply.
  • Optional a RAK13102 without NoteCard to use an already available Blues NoteCard
  • LTE antenna
  • GPS antenna
  • Module size: 29 x 50mm


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