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WisNode Bridge Serial Prime | RAK2470
WisNode Bridge Serial Prime | RAK2470
WisNode Bridge Serial Prime | RAK2470
WisNode Bridge Serial Prime | RAK2470

WisNode Bridge Serial Prime


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The WisNode Bridge Serial Prime (RAK2470) is an RS485 to LoRaWAN converter designed for industrial applications. The device relays RS485 data using the LoRaWAN network to wirelessly transmit to and from the end devices.

It provides an RS485 interface that can connect any RS485 device, such as MPPT Solar Charge Controller, Inverter, or Inverter Integrated Machine.

The device can be customized in the means of the serial cable interface. One end is matched with the J4 connector of the PCBA and the other can be matched to the customer's use case. While we provide two already existing options (USB 3.0 Connector and 4-pin Circular Connector), customer request customization is available.

RAK2470 WisNode Bridge Serial Prime together with an RAK WisGate gateway, can easily and quickly build a wireless industrial field control or monitoring system. It adopts an industrial protection design, supports a wide range of voltage inputs, supports pole mounting, and facilitates field installation and use.

Product Features:

  • LoRaWAN 1.0.3 protocol stack, supports Class A, B, & C
  • Industrial grade STM MCU: ultra-low power (4 uA sleep) and wide temperature range of operation
  • Wide range of input voltages: 5-12 V DC input
  • Mounting: Pole Mounting Bracket
  • IP67 weatherproof
  • Serial cable interface can be customized on request

Package Inclusion:

  • 1 pc RAK2470 WisNode Bridge Serial Prime  
  • 1 pc Mounting Kit
  • 2 pc Pole Mounting Bracket
  • 1 pc T type Cable
  • 1 pc Power Adapter


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Product Reviews

Supported LoRa Frequency


LoRa TX power

20 dBm

LoRa Antenna

Built-in antenna

RS485 data rate

115200 bps

Input voltage

5-12 V

Enclosure material



30x215 mm

Protection Grade



Pole Mounting Bracket

Working temperature

-20 °C ~ +70 °C (+25 °C typical)

Storage temperature

-30 °C ~ +85 °C