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WisLink PLC LX200V30 EVB

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Product Description

WisLink LX200V30 EVB, based on Qualcomm QCA7420 SoC, is a new type of PLC based on OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) modulation technology of data transmission products. The maximum transmission rate of the power line can reach 500Mbps*, the EVB provides standard Ethernet front-end ports and also supports a twisted pair interface.

It supports 128-bit encryption AES and operates in the 2-30 MHz band without interfering with the existing CATV signal over the coaxial cables. Faster time-to-market and flexibility of product features.

*Note: The maximum data rate parameter is given for the physical layer. The speed for the data layer will be lower. 

Complete documentation of this product can be found on our website documentation page.

Key Features

  • Qualcomm QCA7420 SoC
  • Medium (Supports multiple transmission medium)
    • Power Line: Range up to 300 meters for IP access
    • Twisted Pair: Range up to 600 meters for IP access
  • Speed:  maximum physical layer data rate is 200Mbps
  • 128bit AES encryption
  • IEEE 1901 and HomePlug AV standards compliance
  • A maximum of 8 modules can interface with each other
  • Modular design, easy to embedded and implement to any existing devices


  • Board Dimension: 40mm x 30mm (76mm x 46mm for the Base Board)

  • Package Weight: 0.2kg

  • Package Size: 15cm x 9cm x 9cm

  • Package Include:

    • 1 pc WisLink PLC Module LX200V30

    • 1 pc WisLink PLC Base Board

    • 1 pc Power Adapter

    • 2 pc Cable


Questions and Answers

  • What is the range on the DC input side?

    The module is powered by 12VDC. Here is the datasheet for more information:

  • Is it possible to use this device to transmit data over wires, which already has current? I mean, 220V/50Hz current. I would like to reuse the cables in the walls, and only change the electrical outlets - I can't rewire the flat, or cut the currents.

    The module can't be powered by the main, it has to be powered separately by a 12V DC. The voltage limit for the PLC module is 400V DC, 250V AC.

  • Hi, can you please tell me the dimensions of the PCB? I cannot find this information in the documentation

    The Board itself is 40mm x 30mm. The Development Board Base is 76mm x 46mm.

  • Hi, Is it possible to supply the WisPLC Pro with raw supply (between 15 and 24V)? Thanks in advance, Best regards. -- Valentin RIVIERE

    The module accepts only -V - 24V DC. If by raw supply you mean AC, then no you should not attempt to power the module in this manner.

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