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Wisblock Power Board
Wisblock Power Board
Wisblock Power Board
Wisblock Power Board

Wisblock Power Board

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WisBlock Power Modules extend the power supply options available for WisBlock. Whether you need wireless charging or want to use an alternative green energy resource, the WisBlock Power Modules offer you such solutions. Moreover, a power supply option for external sensors is available as well.


RAK19002 WisBlock Boost Module - Texas Instruments TPS61046

RAK19002 is a WisBlock step-up boost regulator module based on the Texas Instruments TPS61046 step-up boost converter. The module can supply 12 V/50 mA output power and could be mounted on the WisBlock Sensor slot of RAK19007. The output voltage of the module is controlled by the WisBlock Core IO pin.


RAK19004 WisBlock Green Power Module - Texas Instruments TPS55165-Q1

RAK19004 is based on Texas Instruments TPS55165-Q1 DC-DC buck-boost converter that can harvest and convert green power such as wind and hydroelectric power or solar power into fixed 5 V output. Upon startup, the module can have a stable 5 V output from a varying input voltage of 5V-36 V and its output current can also be as high as 1 A.


RAK19006 WisBlock Wireless Charge Module - ConvenientPower CPS3008

RAK19006 is a WisBlock wireless charge module based on the ConvenientPower CPS3008 chip. The RAK19006 is a highly efficient, Qi-compliant, single-chip wireless power receiver and charger. It integrated the receiver and linear charger and supports up to 5 W applications.

This board can be connected to the or through two pogo pins connected to the RAK19007 pin headers. It features WPC 1.2.4 compliant wireless power receiver; JEITA compatible charge; Ultra-low leakage current without transmitter; Wireless and wired charge; OVP, OCP, and OTP protection.


RAK19018 WisBlock PoE Module for RAK13800 - Silvertel Ag9905MT

The RAK19018 is a Power-over-Ethernet module used together with the RAK13800 Ethernet Interface module to draw power from CAT5/CAT6 cables. This PoE module is based on the Silvertel Ag9905MT converter board and is compatible with the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard.

Input voltage range: 36-57 V; Output voltage: 5 V; Output power: 9 W.



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