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About RAK® Products

RAKwireless has its main focus in creating LPWAN products with diverse application in order to solve creative challenges in any give situation. Our line of devices covers, but is not limited to the following types:, Industrial Grade LPWAN GatewaysConsumer LPWAN Gateways, LPWAN Tracker Nodes and LPWAN Environmental Monitoring Nodes.

Along with the aforementioned set of ready to use products, we also offer a number of boards and modules with open hardware and software, that are aimed at developers. The RAK™ Concentrators that come in both Pi HAT and mPCIe format are perfect for both testing and integration in finished products. Furthermore, we offer great bundles in the form of kits in case you need a solution you can fit to a number of different scenarios.

We also have a flotilla of NB-IoT devices to cater to the NB-IoT market demands. These nodes have integrated measurement sensors together with Bluetooth radios for meshing and pairing to other nearby devices that come in Arduino and Raspberry Pi form factor.

As we believe in making quality products, so do our partners. The Things Industries which is the name behind The Things Network (TTN is the largest open LoRaWAN® network to date) has been with us from the start. Our products work flawlessly and integrate seamlessly with TTN. We have recently expanded our line of gateways with support for ChirpStack, which is quickly gaining traction as one of the best alternatives to TTN when local deployment is key. Additionally, every RAKwireless Gateway comes with our own, homegrown LoRa® Server, that is built-in and makes it incredibly easy as the customer has part of the required infrastructure integrated in the Gateway itself

Thus, we are here to stay and we constantly working on getting better!

Product Categories

In summary, our ever-growing product family consists of:

RAK WisDevice

A complete end device that has all the components required in order to function provided it is configured properly. These include LPWAN Gateways (Fully functioning Gateways that have all the necessary components to act as a LPWAN basestation) and LPWAN nodes.

RAK WisLink

LPWAN Concentrator modules (these are the modules we provide in order to build gateways by integrating them in products).

RAK WisDuo

LPWAN modules that are a combination of a LoRa® radio chip plus an MCU to drive it. These are not complete nodes (no power, casing, etc.)

RAK WisTrio

LPWAN boards that go one step higher than WisDuo, by adding a number of sensors to the device to gather data.

RAK WisBlock

LPWAN EVB boards that work with pluggable connector modules.


Power line communication modules.

RAK WisKit

A collection of components for developers that allow assembling and testing for a particular use case scenario.

RAK Accessory

This category includes things that improve performance, however are not a requirement or are already included with the device in the package like antennas, lightning arrestors, casings, etc.