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Gesture Sensor PixArt Imaging PAJ7620U2


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Product Description

The RAK14008 gesture recognition sensor is based on the PAJ7620U2 chip and can detect 9 human hand gesticulations such as moving up, down, left, right, forward, backward, circle-clockwise, circle-counter clockwise, and waving. It also offers built-in proximity detection in sensing approaching or departing object from the sensor.


  • Gesture sensor speed:
    • 60-600 °/s in Normal Mode
    • 60-1200 °/s in Gaming Mode
  • On-board low noise high PSRR voltage regulator
  • Flexible power-saving scheme
  • I2C interface up to 400 kbit/s
  • Ambient light immunity
  • Ambient light noise cancellation
  • VBAT:3.2-5.5 V
  • VCC:2.8-3.3 V
  • Operating Temperature: -40 °C ~ 85 °C
  • Storage Temperature:-40 °C ~ 125 °C
  • 15x25mm



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