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WisGate Edge Max | RAK7249 | Gateway for LoRaWAN
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WisGate Edge Max


Gateway for LoRaWAN

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Note: This product does not include the LoRa antenna/s out of the box. Please select them below. 8ch version requires one LoRa antenna, 16ch version requires two LoRa antennas.

Important note: WisGate Edge Max (RAK7249) is permanently sold out. We suggest you consider our latest WisGate Edge Pro V2 RAK7289V2/RAK7289CV2 for your project! It inherits the same functionality and offers additional features and flexibility for your deployments.

Product Notice

  •  The 8 dBi antenna is too long to be attached directly to your gateway. To avoid damaging your gateway connector especially in the windy season, we recommend using a Feeder line cable and secure the antenna with brackets.
  •  The 8dBi antenna for LoRa is not available for EU433 and CN470 ban
  • The RAK7249 now excludes the RAK antennas from the product bundles. You can choose to opt-in and include an antenna with your RAK7249 purchase by checking the corresponding product of your choice.

Product Description

WisGate Edge Max is an ideal product for IoT commercial deployment and is Class A and C compliant. Its modularity and customization options allow for flexibility when deploying a solution. With its industrial-grade components, it achieves a high standard of reliability.

The LoRa Gateway provides for a solid out-of-the-box experience for quick deployment. Additionally, since its software and UI sits on top of OpenWRT it is perfect for the development of custom applications (via the open SDK).

Thus WisGate Edge Max is suited for any use case scenario, be it rapid deployment or customization with regards to UI and functionality. Read More

Key Features

  • Designed for outdoor use in harsh conditions
  • Customizable package with respect to modules and functionality
  • Multiple Backhaul connectivity and Power supply options
  • Top of the line LoRa Range and low power consumption

Hardware Specifications

  1. IP67/NEMA-6 industrial-grade enclosure with cable glands
  2. PoE + Surge Protection
  3. Dual LoRa® Concentrators for up to 16 channels
  4. Backhaul: Wi-Fi, LTE, and Ethernet
  5. Built-in GPS module
  6. Up to 5 hours of autonomous work on battery (Battery + Solar Kit optional)
  7. Operating temperature range: -30°C ~ +55°C

Software Specifications

  1. Built-in LoRa® Server
  2. OpenVPN
  3. Software and UI sit on top of OpenWRT
  4. LoRaWAN® 1.0.2
  5. LoRa® Frame filtering (node whitelisting)
  6. MQTT v3.1 Bridging with TLS encryption
  7. Buffering of LoRa® frames in case of NS outage (no data loss)

Packaging Details

  • Product Dimensions: 220mm x 220mm x 104mm
  • Weight: Approximately 5.5kg including the mounting kit

Bundle Components

    • Bundle 1 (RAK7249-0x-14x)

      • 8 Channels SX1301
      • 2pcs LTE Antennas
      • 1pc GPS Antenna
      • 1pc 2.4G WiFi Antenna
      • 1set Enclosure
      • 1pc PoE Injector with Power Cable
      • 8 Channels SX1301
      • 1pc GPS Antenna
      • 1pc 2.4G WiFi Antenna
      • 1set Enclosure
      • 1pc PoE Injector with Power Cable
      • 16 Channels SX1301
      • 1pc GPS Antenna
      • 1pc 2.4G WiFi Antenna
      • 1set Enclosure
      • 1pc PoE Injector with Power Cable
      • 16 Channels SX1301
      • 1pc LTE Antenna
      • 1pc GPS Antenna
      • 1pc 2.4G WiFi Antenna
      • 1set Enclosure
      • 1pc PoE Injector with Power Cable

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    Questions and Answers

    • What would be the reason for 2x LoRa antennas? Since 1 of them already has the coverage 2 of them is not going to give you more coverage?


      No this is not for the sake of coverage. The 2x antennas are for the case where you have 2x Concentrators, thus 2x8 channels, so one antenna acts as TX/RC for the fist set of 8 channels the other ofr the second set of 8 channels.


    • What is the max nodes can rak 7249 support? Does it provide tunder and lighting protection?? What is the dbi of lora antenna??

      This depends on a lot of factors. Theoreticaly you can go from a couple of hundred to atleast a 1000.
      However conditions as signal quality, air time and SF/coding rate play a huge roll.
      The is an optional lightning protection kit, including arrestors for the LoRa/LTE/Wi-Fi antennas. the GPS antenna (it is different), and SPD:

      The antennad tha comes included is a  3dBi, however you can upgrade to a 5.8 dBi antenna right on the Gateway page, when ordering.

    • What is the max range of RAK7249 433Mhz in dense environment?

      I would say something in the ballpark of 2km. Naturally it depends on a lot of factors so it could vary a lot.

    • Hello, Do you think is possible to have a new bundle? Instead of having 16 channels in the same frequency plan (EU-868), I wonder if possible to have two pcs LoRa: 1st for EU-868, 2nd for EU-433. 8 channels each.

      The idea is nice, however, the execution is very complex. This would essentially create a second gateway that has to have all the software components of the first one and forward packets separately. This feature might be available in the future, however, it is not something that has been planned as far as I am aware.

    • Do you sell the backup battery that goes with this gateway? If not, where can I buy it from? Thank you.

      Yes, we do sell those kits together with the solar power station if you require it.
      They are limited quantity, for now, so please directly inquire for pricing here: inquiry@rakwireless.com.

    • Hi, I tried to follow your guide (https://doc.rakwireless.com/quick-start/rak7249----macro-outdoor-gateway/mqtt-bridge-configuration--tls-) to configure this gateway to the LoraServer (now called Chirpstack). But after doing so, I am having an error on my Network Server saying: "connecting to MQTT broker failed, will retry in 2s: Network Error: dial TCP connect: connection refused". Please help me resolve this issue.

      Currently, there is an issue with the TLS certification. Thus, this feature is not working as of now. If, however you want to only use the MQTT bridge without the TLS security this is doable.

    • Hi, is the mounting kit included? If not, could you provide a link where to purchase it?

      Apologies the earlier text was not meant for you. I will have an answer for you shortly.

    • Can this device support fallback to GPRS?

      In theory, it should work with whatever the highest possible data rate is for the supported technology available at the network you are using at the moment. Does this answer your question?

    • How much distance will support for RF Communication?

      This depends on various factors as Frequency band used, SF, ADR, propagation environment (LoS), etc. It can be from about 1km to 700+.

    • I'm looking for a LoRaWAN Gateway in the AU915-928 ISM band that supports node geolocation through fine-timestamp. Does RAK7249 Bundle Pro - AU915 support it?

      It does not support it, none of our Gateways do.

    • As it has a built-in server, can it operate as a offline private LoRaWAN server which outputs the data packets it receives?

      Yes it can operate as a Private LoRaWAN server, however, what would be the purpose for it to be offline? Output the packets it receives where?
      Right now it only has an HTTP integration, so you would need to have a solution working on top of the HTTP in order to analyze the data.

    • Is it LoRaWAN Gateway?

      Yes, full 1.0.2 stack support.

    • Hi, I read on your forum that RAK7249 Gateway isn't compatibile with Lora Server v3.x.x because of not support of protobuf for MQTT. Can you confirm this? Thanks

      This is true for the current firmware. However we will be releasing a new firmware within a couple of days, that has protobuf support.

    • When will the solar power kit be available?

      It is expected to make its way into our online store in the first week of next month at the latest.

    • Where is the option for US915? Is it FCC Certified?

      Yes RAK7249 is FCC Certified: https://downloads.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/DIY-Gateway-RAK7249/Certification-Report/RAK7249_FCC_Certificate.zip

      There was an issue with the store sir, now you should be able to choose the US915 option.

    • I am looking to set up a couple of solar-powered 868 MHZ The things Network gateways, do you have any experience using solar with your gateways? Do you have suggestions for solar setups?

      Please note for future reference, posting these kinds of technical questions is best done in the forum (https://forum.rakwireless.com/).

      There is a solar power kit designed to work with the RAK7249. It includes mounting construction, Solar power, and battery.
      As this is is the best solution for the outdoors we recommend to get the two products in order to get the best of performance as they are designed to work with each other. The Solar Power kit is a solution that is in the process of being brought to the market. Thus there is no official listing yet, however, I will provide a link to the document summarizing its main features. As for the recommended Gateway, the RAK7249 you can find it in our webshop, where you will also find a link to the relevant document section:

      https://store.rakwireless.com/products/rak7249-diy-outdoor-gateway Solar Power Kit https://github.com/ThHobo/RAKwireless/blob/master/RAK7249%20Solar%20Power/Solar%20Panel%20and%20Battery%20Kit%20Installation%20Guide%20V1.2.pdf In case you need to purchase the bundle together please mail to ken.yu@rakwireless.com

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    Great Gateway

    This gateway has been great to use. RAK has great documentation which makes the gateway very easy to setup and use. I have quite a few of these gateways running and I haven't had any problems with them. Their range is quite good, and they are easy to remotely manage with their integrated VPN support (also has great documentation to get setup). Overall very happy with the product, plus RAK has very good customer service and technical support.

    Mark S.
    Philippines Philippines

    Strong gateway

    Case plug in and ready, downloading the provided image is all very easy. Still testing the lte connection...



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