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RAK831 LPWAN Gateway Concentrator Module
RAK831 LPWAN Gateway Concentrator Module

RAK831 LPWAN Gateway Concentrator Module

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Note: The RAK831 concentrator module is permanently out of stock. Try our RAK2245 RPi HAT Edition WisLink LPWAN Concentrator to experience better performance at a lower cost.
RAK2245 Pi Hat Edition is completely compatible with the Raspberry Pi 40pin header. Thus, it is a perfect solution for a DIY gateway using the Raspberry Pi at its core. This makes for a quick-to-deploy LoRaWAN® solution with low cost and stable performance.
As with the other modules in the RAK2245 line, it is based on the Semtech® SX1301 and dual SX1257/58 front-end chips. It is a full-fledged 8 channel LoRa® concentrator with many improvements over the last generation (RAK831) of this product. The GPS module is on the board, and there is no need to use an adapter board compared to RAK831. Please check the links below for your reference.


The RAK831 concentrator module can act as the core of a full 8 channel LoRaWAN gateway. It provides the possibility to enable robust communication between an LPWAN gateway and a huge amount of LPWAN end-nodes spread over a wide area.


This module is especially suited to run on top of a Raspberry Pi 3B+. RAKwireless provides a full, open-source stack running on top of Raspbian OS.

Additionally, there is the option to expand the functionality with a custom-made converter board with an integrated GPS receiver.

Complete documentation of this product can be found on our website documentation page.

 Key Features

  • Based on Semtech SX1301
  • Supports 8 channels
  • LoRaWAN® Stack 1.0.2
  • Rx Sensitivity down to -139 dBm (@293bps)
  • Tx Power up to 23 dBm
  • Full band support: 433MHz, 470MHz, 865MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz, 920MHz, 923MHz
  • Range up to 15km Line of Sight, 2km+ in Dense Urban


  • Board Size: 80mm x 50.5mm x 5mm
  • Board Weight: 0.1kg
  • Package Inclusions: 
    • 1pc RAK831
    • 1pc SubG Antenna

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