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WisBlock Display modules add visual display options to your modular WisBlock end devices. This series of products offers graphic displays and LEDs for WisBlock-powered solutions.


RAK14003 WisBlock LED Bar Graph Module

RAK14003 is a WisBlock LED Bar Graph module that uses Microchip MCP23017. It consists of 10 configurable LEDs (5 green, 3 yellow, and 2 red color LEDs). RAK14003 uses the KEM-102510A-RYG from Hongke Lighting as the LED bar. Each LED in the module can be controlled separately so the module can build a multipurpose graphic feedback display.


RAK14012 WisBlock LED Matrix

The RAK14012 RGB LED Matrix interface can control an RGB LED matrix with up to 16x16 LEDs. It can control the RGB intensity of each LED in the matrix individually. The module can be used to build visual panels that can show information, warnings, or even a digital clock.


RAK14001 WisBlock RGB LED Module

RAK14001 is a WisBlock RGB LED module based on NCP5623B. Each of the 3 colors can be controlled independently in terms of brightness. With RGB function fully supported and programmable integrated gradual dimming, you can bring custom visualization to your solution.


RAK14000 WisBlock E-Ink Display

RAK14000 is a WisBlock E-paper module, specifically an Active-Matrix Electrophoretic Display (AM EPD) which is based on SSD1680 LCD Controller. The White-Black version is a 2.13-inch display with a resolution of 212x104 pixels, and the White-Black-Red version is a 2.13-inch display with a resolution of 250×122 pixels.


RAK1921 WisBlock OLED Display

RAK1921 is a WisBlock OLED display based on I2C SSD1306. A ready-to-use library and tutorial make it easy to visualize the data of your WisBlock solution. RAK1921 can be used for both text and graphic display in your application.


RAK14014 WisBlock TFT LCD Display Module

RAK14014 is a WisBlock Display module based on IPS TFT LCD. A touchscreen display that has a 2.4-inch active area and contains 240 x 320 pixels which can output colorful graphic displays. It is interfaced to WisBlock Core via SPI. 


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