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WisBlock Voice Processing Speaker Kit
WisBlock Voice Processing Speaker Kit

WisBlock Voice Processing Speaker Kit

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Note: To complete this kit you must select a Core (Audio or RP2040) and WisBlock Base board below For the RAK4630 or RAK11310 the blade antenna is recommended (rather than the internal antenna provided with the Core)

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Get your WisBlock listening to you! The WisBlock Voice Processing Speaker Kit listens to your voice commands and then allows you to program it to act on your voice with audio responses

The WisBlock Voice Processing Speaker Kit includes:

  • An Audio Interposer module (RAK18003) to stack all the boards on a single IO slot
  • A RAK18030 Microphone module
  • A RAK18061 amplifier module
  • A RAK18080 DSP module for the audio processing
  • A custom audio case to put it in
  • All the Screws and cables needed to stack the modules together
  • This kit also includes Speaker


  • You will also need to purchase a base board and WisCore.
  • The Kit must be used in the Case for it to work correctly

The Arduino and Voice Processing versions can be used with WisBlock Audio. The Voice Processing version includes a Cyberon License. Please check our Comparison Table for more information.

Package Inclusion

  • 1 pc RAK18003
  • 1 pc RAK18080
  • 1 pc RAK18030
  • 1 pc RAK18061
  • 3 pc M1.2x12 Screw
  • 2 pc 3mm Audio Spacer
  • 1 pc 120mm FPC Cable
  • 1 pc Audio Enclosure
  • 1 pc Speaker


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