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Product Description

WisConnector is the board-to-board connectors used in WisBlock products. The female/socket version is used on WisBlock Base (RAK19007), while the male/header version is used on other WisBlock modules.
There are two types of connectors: the 24-pin version and the 40-pin version. The 24-pin male connector is used for WisBlock Sensor modules, while the 40-pin male connector is used for other WisBlock modules.
PCB type Connector type Manufacturer Part Number
Sensor PCB WisConnector 24 pin male/header FBB04004-M24S1003K6M
Base Board WisConnector 24 pin female/socket FBB04004-F24S1003K6M
IO/Core module WisConnector 40 pin male/header FBB04004-M40S1003K6M
Base Board WisConnector 40 pin female/socket FBB04004-F40S1003K6M

Package Inclusions

  • Set of 10 WisConnectors

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