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E-Paper Module Solomon Systech Limited SSD1680

E-Paper Module Solomon Systech Limited SSD1680


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Note: This display is not fully supported by Meshtastic firmware yet and we cannot guarantee that the RAK14000 works without problems when used with the Meshtastic firmware. We recommend to use the RAK1921 OLED display instead.

Product Description

RAK14000 is a WisBlock E-paper module, specifically an Active Matrix Electrophoretic Display (AM EPD) which based on SSD1680 LCD Controller. The White-Black version is a 2.13inch display with a resolution of 212x104 pixel, the White-Black-Red version is a 2.13inch display with a resolution of 250×122 pixels.

Key Features

  • White-Black display
    • 2.13 inch
    • two colors (black and white)
    • 212x104 pixel
  • White-Black-Red display
    • 2.13 inch
    • three colors (black, red and white)
    • 250×122 pixel
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle Ultra-low power consumption
  • Pure reflective mode
  • Bi-stable display
  • Commercial temperature range
  • Ultra-Low current deep sleep mode
  • On-chip display RAM
  • On-chip oscillator

Product Inclusion

  • 1pc RAK14000
  • 1pc E-ink Display panel
  • 1pc 3 button PCB



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