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About RAK® Products

RAKwireless focuses on creating products utilizing the LoRaWAN® technology with diverse applications to solve creative challenges in any given situation. Our line of devices covers, but is not limited to Commercial LoRaWAN Gateways, LoRaWAN Gateways for Developers, Blockchain Hotspots, LoRaWAN End-devices (nodes), and all the Accessories you may need for your deployment.
Along with the aforementioned set of ready-to-use products, we also offer several boards and modules with open hardware and software, that are aimed at developers. The RAK Concentrators and EVBs, that come with Pi HAT and/or mPCIe interface, are perfect for both testing and integration in finished products.
We took the Modular Solutions to a new level with a great variety of sensors and modules providing the opportunity to customize your solutions to your heart’s desire.

Furthermore, we offer great bundles in the form of Kits in case you need a solution you can fit into many different scenarios.
Catering to the NB-IoT market demands, we also have a flotilla of NB-IoT Devices. They come in various form factors (Arduino, Raspberry Pi) and are pre-equipped with sensors like GPS, accelerometer, environmental sensors, and many more.

As we believe in making quality products, so do our partners. With the various integrations available, any IoT solution is possible! No matter if you use the Documentation only or get inspired by a Tutorial, we have everything you need.
We are here to stay and we are constantly working on getting better. Let’s grow together!

Product Categories

In summary, our ever-growing product family consists of:

“Gate” for Gateways. Commercial and developer LoRaWAN gateways to provide you with the network for your solution, connecting your nodes to a cloud server.


Enclosed, out-of-the-box, and ready-to-use end-devices to be used in various scenarios as providers of data.


With its modular approach, this product line allows solutions to be built like clicking blocks together to realize your ideas.


Modules in this category combine an MCU and a LoRa transceiver in a single module of a size of a stamp that simplifies the process of designing a new IoT solution.


Modules under this category combine a microcontroller, LoRa transceiver, and sensors in a compact size form factor PCB.


Connectivity modules, designed to be integrated into the existing hardware to provide the LPWAN connectivity capabilities.


All of the products in this category support the standard Pi 40pin connector and can easily be put on top of any Raspberry Pi edition.


Modules in this category combine a microcontroller with a LoRa transceiver in a single PCB in the Arduino Uno form factor.


With our accessories, you can complete your LoRaWAN project. Whether you need antennas, lightning arrestors, enclosures, mounting solutions, or a DAPLink programming adapter, you can find it here.