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RAK2247 Gateway Concentrator Module for LoRaWAN, SX1301/SX1308 LoRa Core (SPI or USB, GPS)

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Notice: Due to the silicon chip price increase, the price for RAK2247 has changed and the current lead time for this component is 30 to 40 weeks due to the challenges we are experiencing in our supply chain at the moment. Since the stock is still unstable and could be more expensive, we recommend RAK5146 as an alternative item that has the same hardware form factor for future designs.

To address the chip shortage and not disrupt our customers' and partners' operations, the RAK2247 SPI is available with SX1308 core. It can completely replace the RAK2247 with SX1301. The only difference is the operating temperature:

RAK2247 (SX1301) - Operating ambient temperature: -40°C to +85°C.

RAK2247 (SX1308) - operating ambient temperature: 0°C to + 70°C

Product Description

The RAK2247 is the evolution of RAK833. It retains the same small form factor (mPCIE) and is just as easy to integrate as the previous model. It, however, comes with a number of improvements.

Its maximum transmission power has been boosted in order to achieve even greater range, so your LoRaWAN network coverage is even wider.

The addition of the heat-sink improves thermals and allows for even more stable operation in strenuous conditions.

Last, but not least is the enhancement of the board design. Now there is a second SAW, which allows the interference resistance of the gateway this module will be powering to be boosted, as compared to the previous generation. This will be a very important feature, as LoRaWAN® network deployment explodes in the coming years and their size blows out of proportions. High interference resistance, coupled with the already excellent -139dBM sensitivity will be key to supporting the increasing number of nodes in the growing network.

Complete documentation of this product can be found on our website documentation page.


Key Features

  • Fully functioning LoRaWAN® multichannel concentrator module (SX1301)
  • Tx Power up to 25dBm
  • RX sensitivity down to -139dBm
  • Improved Interference Resistance (Second SAW addition, as compared to RAK833)
  • Full LoRaWAN® 1.0.2 stack support
  • Compact size in the form of a mPCIe 52pin form factor card
  • Compatible with 3.3V mPCIe type slots, common for 3G/LTE modules
  • With an option for SPI interface board or both SPI and USB interfaces
  • Perfect for a Plug-and-Play Setup when used together with the mPCIe to USB adapter (check this option above to include the board)


  • Product Dimensions: 30mm x 50.95mm
  • Product Weight: 100g (3.5oz)
  • Inclusions:
    • 1pc RAK2247
    • 1pc IPEX Antenna

Questions and Answers

  • How to buy a rak2247 module? & How to configure it operating frequency as global for all countries listed in data sheet?

    You can buy it from here: You can not configure it to work with any band besides the one you buy it for, using the drop down menu in the product page.

  • Hi! I'm interesting on buy a LoRaWAN Concentrator Module, Can you sell the beta model of RAK2287?? Or When will you start to sell it? Thanks!

    It is not available yet. We will publicly announce it in Social Media, so please be patient.

  • I've read that that the pin mapping is not guaranteed with all mPCIe devices. Will this card work on an Advantech UTX-3117 gateway?

    Here is the pin mapping, as you can see it is not standard mPCIe. You can, however, remap it, so while it won't work out of the box you can configure it to do so, probably.

  • Regarding the mPCIe to USB adapter (With SIM Card) v2, could you please send me the Schematics file? I'd like explanations about the utility of the SIM Card, please.

    Not sure I can find the schematic, however, this is just a universal board you can also use it with a mPCIe 3G modem card, thus the sim card slot. It does not actually do anything in the context of RAK2247, atleast for now. Now if you want to make some mod and use it that would be awesome and we can continue the discussion in the RAK store facebook channel if you want.

  • Hello, considering your statement below: " Additionally if you want to use the RAK2247 with the mPCIe to USB board we offer you need to get the USB version of RAK2247 ". I've bought it, but it does not work properly. And why in the photos explaining how setup at x86 Linux PC, if we zoom we can see "SPI" in the label instead "USB"? Please clarify ASAP in order to fix that.

    Ignore the label, this is just an image, I have no idea why it says SPI. I have personally tested the USB one and it works with Ubunto pretty good. What do you mean it does not work properly, could you explain in more detail? Might be something with the particular unit you have, but you do have the right unit, the USB one is what goes with the USB converter board.

  • Hello. I wonder if possible to use this device with any standard mPCIe slot out-of-the-box. For example, to replace the mPCIe WiFi card from my laptop. Also, not sure of understanding what SPI/USB options mean.

    It is not possible to do as you suggested. Only the form factors in mPCIe the find definition is a little bit different. You can put it in a laptops slot sure, however, you will need to remap the pins in the software layer in order to match what the RAK board is.
    The SPI/USB option is for the sake of our Gateways and mPCIe to USB boards. If you want to use the converter with the RAK2247 or add a second concentrator module to the RAK7249 you need to take the USB/SPI option.
    You can find detailed information about the pinout in the link below:

  • Hello Sir, what is the difference between SPI and USB? Is it fully compatible with the mPCIe slot like 3G/LTE modules?

    This is not exactly in the traditional terms, rather it aligns in a way with how the RAK Commercial Gateways work. Essentially the Concentrator has the standard mPCIe form factor, however, it is not the same interface, if you want yo use it with a standard slot as you described like an LTE modem you would need to remap the pins as they are not the same as standard mPCIe. Now for the difference between SPI and USB. Basically the SPI boards are meant for the main concentrator module of RAK Gateway Products, where the USB for the secondary. Additionally, if you want to use the RAK2247 with the mPCIe to USB board we offer you need to get the USB version of RAK2247. This is how they are meant to work out of the box, they can work as a general LTE modem, however, you need to do some tweaking. I hope this helps, if you have any more questions about your particular setup perhaps I would be able to assists further provided you share what exactly are you planning on doing?

  • Hello Sir, I use RPI for many different actions with a specific configuration in system, python environment etc.. Based on the reading I have seen there is necessary download specific image in order to rurn the RPI into gateway (Get Start with RAK2247&RAK833 RPi LoRa Gateway.pdf). Is there any other guideline on how to install specific packages and configuration to keep image as is and add LoRa gtw capabilities?

    Clone the repo:

    Go to the directory you cloned it in and look for a Lora subfolder, enter it and then run the script. This way you will only install the packet forwarder. Afterward, you should configure as per the manual.

  • Hello Sir, I want to test in Windows 10. How can I test?

    Techincally this is possible, however we do not have a windows image., as it is not something tht seems to be used widely.
    Windows 10 however supports Ubuntu as of late if I am not mistaken so perhaps you can try our Ubuntu image/manual.

  • RAK2247 LoRa Gateway KR920 appears to be out of stock. When can I get stock and buy it?

    We are checking our inventory and will have information shortly on when there will be stock available.

  • I'd like to ask if you have RAK2247 LoRa Gateway on stock, I need approximatively 10 pcs... could you give me your lead time ?

    You can order directly from

    RAK2247, however, is not a Gateway, but a concentrator module.
    5-7 Days is the Standard delivery time.

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