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RAK4260 Evaluation Board

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Product Description

RAK4260 LPWAN Evaluation Board is a WisDuo product that consists of RAK4261 (RAK4260 LPWAN Module + Breakout board) and the RAK5005 WisBlock Base. This development board allows access to all serial and GPIO ports for easy configuration. The RAK4260 core module includes RAK Unified Interface (RUI) to help you quickly and easily develop and test your firmware.

Complete documentation of this product can be found on our website documentation page.

To properly use this product, make sure to purchase a compatible Emulator Kit. We recommend that you directly buy from SEGGER Microcontroller's site to ensure that you get a genuine product.

Key Features

  • High-quality low-power LoRa® device (Microchip ATSAMR34J18 SiP)
  • Fully supported 862 to 1020 MHz frequency coverage (all LoRaWAN® bands)
  • High level of accuracy and stability (32MHz TXCO)
  • Max Tx Power: 20dBm; Max Sensitivity: -136dBm; Rx Current: 17mA (typical)
  • A rich selection of interfaces: I2C, SPI, ADC, UART, GPIOs


  • 1pc RAK4260 EVB (RAK4261 + RAK5005)
  • 1pc Micro USB Cable
  • 1pc SubG Antenna (iPEX)
  • 2pcs 4-pin Header
  • 9pcs Dupont Lines

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Questions and Answers

  • Hi, if we use the RAK4260 LoRa module and want to get the best distance for our link - what would we use as the gateway or base station? Is this RAK4260 Evaluation Board the best option or is there a better option.

    I think you will do well with the RAK4260. It has a very good range for a LoRa Node, however, the main factor is the antenna you are going to be using with both the Node and Gateway. I would recommend getting a decent antenna for the node, for example, this one:

    You will need this connector for it: You could get a bigger one however it is not a good idea for a node as you want it to be small.

    As far as the Gateway goes if you want the best range you can get either the Commercial outdoor Gateway: Also you should get the bigger antenna:

    This way you will have the gateway with the 5.8dBi, you will have a 3dBi spare that you have a cable to attach to the node if you want and also have the gluestick if you need a more compact one, also attached with a cable.

    This should pretty much give youth the best options.

  • What is the use of JLink? Can't it be directly programmed using USB?

    JLink is used to flash the firmware and debug. Micro USB is used to configure, monitor, etc.

  • Hello, I read de Quick Start Guide, but I don't understand if I need a j-link programmer to program de evaluation board?

    Yes, you need the J-link.

  • Hi, Please recommend me the good NRF based lora board for India region. Which can go large production if needed.

    This is our newest LoRa + BLE board that is based on an nRF MCU:

  • Hello, can you provide link to schematics for RAK4260 Evaluation Board. Thanks

    Those are still unavailable. We will update you once they are released.

  • Hello Where to find sensors that can be fit on this module? Thank you Mike

    The sensor boards are still in development. The board is now only available with the LoRa board module (RAK4261). There will be several variations of sensors coming in the following months.

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