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RPi LoRaWAN Gateway Kit
RPi LoRaWAN Gateway Kit
RPi LoRaWAN Gateway Kit
RPi LoRaWAN Gateway Kit

RPi Gateway Kit For LoRaWAN

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Note: Helium is not accepting these gateways into the blockchain for now as the Alpha Hotspot program has ceased, consult using this Discord channel for details. If you want to actively participate in the Helium network and earn HNT please order our RAK Hotspot V2 instead.
NoteThe Raspberry Pi 4 is not included in this Kit.

Product Description

This kit contains all the hardware and accessories needed to build a fully functional Developer gateway using your own Raspberry Pi 4.

It features the latest RAK5146 SPI with GPS concentrator, leveraging the SX1303 LoRa core. Additionally, it includes a dedicated Pi HAT, serving as a converter board with a Raspberry Pi form factor, facilitating easy mounting of the RAK5146 SPI concentrator onto the Raspberry Pi. Moreover, it comes with LoRa and GPS connectors, antennas, and an aluminum enclosure. An SD card preloaded with the firmware is also provided.

The gateway kit for Raspberry Pi 4 is ideal for prototyping, proof-of-concept demonstration, or evaluation. Check out our latest RAK PiOS especially created to make the RAK Developer gateways and kits easy to use.

Package Inclusions

Gateway Kit for Raspberry Pi

  • WisLink LPWAN RAK5146 SPI with GPS LoRa concentrator
  • WisHAT RAK5146/RAK2287 PiHAT
  • 16GB SD card
  • Enclosure
  • RP-SMA to IPEX cable for the LoRa antenna
  • SMA to IPEX cable for the GPS antenna
  • LoRa antenna 2.3dBi
  • GPS antenna


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