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This collection is introducing add-ons for WisBlock. It includes extension cables, a real-time clock, and other useful modules to expand the WisBlock platform’s building capabilities.


RAK12002 WisBlock RTC Module

RAK12002 is a Real-Time Clock (RTC) module based on Micro Crystal RV-3028-C7 which has its own battery backup via a supercapacitor. Once set to the correct date and time, this module will keep the date and time updated even during a power loss. Once the power supply is available again, the WisBlock Core module can receive the correct date and time from the RTC module. It features counters for seconds, minutes, hours, date, month, year, weekday, and an automatic leap year correction.


RAK18001 WisBlock Buzzer Module

RAK18001 is a buzzer module based on MLT-5020 from Jiangsu. The sound and loudness can be controlled over a PWM signal from the WisBlock Core. The buzzer can be used as an alarm signal or as audible feedback to the user. It is even possible to play a small melody with the buzzer. RAK18001 can be mounted to slots A, B, C, or D of the RAK19007, and is controlled by an IO pin.


RAK19005 WisBlock Sensor Extension Cable

RAK19005 is an extension cable that allows the positioning of small WisBlock modules apart from the WisBlock Base board. With 120 mm in length, all signals of the 24-pin Slot A to D connectors are available.

Easy click-and-use application.


RAK19008 WisBlock IO Extension Cable

The RAK19008 is an IO Extension Cable used to position WisBlock IO modules apart from the WisBlock Base Board. This helps to eliminate the influence of other WisBlock modules from sensors that measure environmental data. The advantage of using RAK19008 is it enables the design of a new enclosure that exposes the WisBlock IO slot directly to the environment without problems. With a 120 mm length FPC (Flat Printed Circuit) board, all signals of the 40-pin Slot connector are available.


RAK5814 WisBlock Encryption Module Microchip ATECC608A

The RAK5814 is a crypto module using the Microchip ATECC608A crypto chip. It integrates ECDH (Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman) security protocol an ultra-secure method to provide key agreement for encryption/decryption, along with ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) sign-verify authentication.



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