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WisBlock Wireless Modules
WisBlock Wireless Modules
WisBlock Wireless Modules
WisBlock Wireless Modules
WisBlock Wireless Modules
WisBlock Wireless Modules

WisBlock Wireless Modules

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WisBlock Wireless extends the communication capabilities of WisBlock with the offered Wi-Fi and cellular modem modules. These modules can fit into the IO slot of the WisBlock Base Boards.


RAK13801 WisBlock UWB Module

The RAK13801 UWB module is using the Decawave DW1000 UWB chip that provides high-precision real-time location capability. It is used in location-aware wireless sensor networks, asset tracking, factory/warehouse automation, and security systems. The precise location of tagged objects delivers enterprise efficiency gains and cost reductions. The extended communications range minimizes the required infrastructure in RTLS.


RAK13600 WisBlock NFC Reader Module

RAK13600 is based on the NXP PN532 chip. This module enables the reading and writing of NFC tags (RFID cards, NFC-enabled devices like mobile phones). It is a WisBlock module with an external NFC antenna to connect with the NFC devices. It supports ISO/IEC 14443A/MIFARE Reader/Writer; FeliCa Reader/Writer; ISO/IEC 14443B Reader/Writer; ISO/IEC 14443A/MIFARE Card MIFARE Classic 1K or MIFARE Classic 4K card emulation mode; FeliCa Card emulation; ISO/IEC 18092, ECMA 340 Peer-to-Peer.


RAK13300 WisBlock LPWAN Wireless Module

RAK13300 is based on the Semtech SX1262 module for LoRa® and LoRaWAN® applications. This module gives WisBlock Core with no built-in LoRa chip LPWAN capabilities by simply connecting it to the IO slot of the WisBlock Base board. For example, this module extends the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability of the RAK11200 Core to have LoRa®/LoRaWAN® communications.


RAK13101 WisBlock GSM/GPRS Module

RAK13101 is based on the Quectel MC20CE GSM/GPRS Cellular module which extends the WisBlock system to have GSM/GPRS Cellular Network capability. It can be used in regions where the cellular LTE network is not available. It features Built-in LNA; Micro-USB debug and log output connector; Nano SIM and ESIM options.


RAK5860 WisBlock NB-IoT Interface Module

RAK5860 is based on the Quectel BG77 NB-IoT and LTE-M module. It supports CAT M1 and CAT NB2 cellular IoT wireless protocols. In addition, it offers a GNSS location option that can use both GPS and GLONASS satellites. RAK5860 is the solution when your LoRa® application needs access to IoT but is outside the coverage of Wi-Fi or LoRaWAN® networks.


RAK2305 WisBlock WiFi Interface Module

RAK2305 is based on Espressif ESP32-WROVER 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module.

RAK2305 has the option to be flashed with your custom firmware or it can be comfortably programmed with the Espressif AT command interface.


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