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RAK Solar Battery - Empowering Your IoT World

Discover the power of the sun with RAK's exclusive Solar Battery Collection. Tailored for IoT devices and gateways, our range offers efficient, reliable, and versatile power solutions. From robust battery backups to lightweight solar options, we have everything you need to keep your devices running seamlessly. Explore our collection and find the perfect solar battery solution for your needs.

Solar Battery Plus

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The powerhouse of solar solutions. Perfect for RAK LoRaWAN gateways, the Solar Battery Plus ensures continuous, high-performance operation. Ideal for demanding applications, offering long-lasting and dependable power.

Solar Battery Lite

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Lightweight yet powerful. The Solar Battery Lite is your go-to for IoT sensors and smaller devices. Offering a blend of efficiency and reliability, it's the smart choice for backup or low-energy solutions.

Battery Backup UPS

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Your safeguard against power disruptions. The Battery Backup UPS provides instant power backup, ensuring your devices continue to operate smoothly during outages. Trust in its automated, seamless switch to backup power.

Accessories and Integration Tools

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Enhance your solar battery experience. Browse our range of accessories and integration tools designed to optimize your solar battery setup. From panel attachments to connectivity modules, find everything you need for a seamless integration.