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RAK7243 LPWAN Developer Gateway | LoRa TTN Solution
RAK7243 LPWAN Developer Gateway
RAK7243 LPWAN Developer Gateway
RAK7243 LPWAN Developer Gateway
rak7243 gateway for lorawan

WisGate Developer D3 / D3+

RAK7243 / RAK7243C

Gateway for LoRaWAN

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Please Read: Helium is not accepting these gateways into the blockchain for now as the Alpha Hotspot program has ceased, consult using this Discord channel for details. If you want to actively participate in the Helium network and earn HNT please order our RAK Hotspot V2 instead.

Product Description

The RAK7243C is a fully-fledged 8 channel LoRaWAN gateway that is Class A and C compliant. It consists of the following modules: RAK2245, RAK2013, and Raspberry Pi 3B+.

At its core is the Raspberry Pi 3B+, which integrates all the other hardware components and runs the OS. The RAK2245 is the concentrator module, playing the role of a LoRa® transceiver. The RAK2013 provides for cellular backhaul (in addition to the Wi-Fi and Ethernet of the Raspberry Pi 3B+).

Software-wise one could choose to either go with TTN or LoRa Server in addition to bringing his own solution. TTN is more suitable for public, cloud deployment. LoRa Server provides a solution that can be run on a private server or the gateway itself.

Thus the RAK7243C is a flexible solution suitable for both small scale projects, as well as large scale industrial solutions. It provides a variety of connectivity options and its size and weight make it ideal for indoor deployment.

Note that you can not add WisLink Cellular Pi HAT RAK2013 later and add it to WisGate Developer RAK7243/44 without modification of the RAK2245 board in the Gateway.

To know the difference between EG95-E and EG95-NA, please refer to the following table:

Frequency EG95-E EG95-NA
LTE FDD B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28A B2/B4/B5/B12/B13
WCDMA B1/B8 B2/B4/B5
Region EMEA North America
Carrier Certification* Verizon/ AT&T/ T-Mobile/ Telus/ U.S. Cellular/ Rogers
Regulatory Certification* GCF/ CE/ RCM/ FAC GCF/ FCC/ PTCRB/ IC
Other Certifications* WHQL WHQL

* Certifications are for the RAK2013 Cellular Pi HAT Module only, not the whole device.

Key Features

  • Preassembled, fully functioning LoRaWAN Gateway
  • Full LoRaWAN Stack support (version 1.0.2)
  • Supports all 8 channels and spreading factors (SF7-SF12)
  • Band support: 433MHz, 470MHz, 865MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz, 920MHz, 923MHz
  • Tx Power: 27 dBm Max
  • RX Sensitivity: -139dBm
  • The new design integrates Ublox MAX-7Q GPS module
  • Quectel BG96/EG95 (depending on chosen configuration)


  • Product Dimensions: 150mm x 90mm x 90mm
  • Product Weight: 0.6kg

Package Inclusions


  • 1pc RAK7243C LPWAN Developer Gateway
  • 1pc GPS antenna
  • 1pc LoRa antenna
  • 2pcs LTE antenna
  • Power adapter 


  • 1pc RAK7243 LPWAN Developer Gateway
  • 1pc GPS antenna
  • 1pc LoRa antenna
  • Power adapter 



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Questions and Answers

  • Hello, where can I find the CE, FCC, IC, etc certifications? Thank you very much and congrats for your excellent product.

    You can find the Certificates here:

  • The RAK7243C Pilot Gateway - LoRa includes the raspberry pi? The source files of the programs can be modified?

    Yes and yes, to both questions. The source is here:

  • Do you offer discounts for OEMs?

    You can request a quotation by emailing us here:

  • The problem is that the place that we have the system, sometimes cable internet fails, and the backup communication have to be from 4G, but 4G sometimes fails too. We have systems around Brazil and we will need many Gateways. But I want to know if, in case of cable internet failure or 4G internet failure, automatically we can send the data through the other internet interface. Or we have to choose between cable internet or 4G internet? Or booth are available to communicate "at the same time"?

    This is something that is controlled via the Raspbian on the RPi. IT is possible, however you would have to verify that it is properly configured: You can use the link as reference.

  • Hi. Is there a possibility of internet communication through the RAK2013 via 4G network and the RPI3 ethernet interface connected to a modem sending data simultaneously to the server? Or do I have to choose between the RPI ethernet or RAK2013 4G interface? Thank you in advance!!!

    Simultneously communicating to the LoRa Server? To what end? Do you intend to duplicate the data? Are you going to use one interface to communicate to one serer and the other to another server ? I am not sure I understand what it is tht you are trying to do ? Theoretically you can do that with the Raspberry Pi, use any number of interface, however you should be clear on what you want to do, I am not?

  • Is this device similar (identical?) to Adafruit's 8 Channel LoRa Gateway?

    If you are referring to this, then yes it is the same:

  • Hello Could please send us an offer for 10 x RAK7243C Lora Wan EU868 Best regards

    Do you require the cellular version or the one without cellular?

  • Hi. Which variant has the BG96 RAK2013 hat included? Regards Gerard

    The RA7243 only comes with the EG-95, there is no variant with the BG96.

  • I'm from Seoul (South Korea). In terms of "RAK7243C Pilot Gateway - LoRa-4G (EG95-E) - KR920", Can I use the 4G in the above gateway in South Korea? Thank you for your good support.

    Yes, it is indeed possible with the EG95-E to use the Gateway in South Korea.

  • I can see the TELEC/MIC sign. Is it legal to use it in Japan? Could you please give me TELEC/MIC certification number?

    Here are all the certificates currently available:

  • Can you give me a discount if I buy 100 pieces of this unit? Need to be integrated with 4g. We are doing some PoC with Power meter and we are looking for a good LoraWan Gateway with LTE module integrated. The frequency is 868MHz for Europe Spain.

    Yes, there is a chance for a nice discount. However might I recommend our commercial offering, I think you will find it just as nice and more budget-friendly:

    For the quotation, you may contact us here:

  • Hi, If i order RAK7243C Pilot Gateway - LoRa - EU868, with LoRa variant isnt it RAK2245 rpi hat ? in this case what is the different between this and the rpi hat (expect that this includes the pi), do u also get the case and adapter + sd card?

    Yes, you get the power adapter and the card, together with al the necessary Lora and GPS antennas. The case is also included.

  • Hi Vladislav, another question. If I buy tomorrow, can you deliver in US (Miami) until September 13th? I need 2 items: RAK7243C Pilot Gateway (one with 4G and another without). Regards.

    This should be possible (5 to 7 days is the usual shipping time), however, I can not guarantee it as I am not the person that handles the shipping. I would suggest that you contact Nancy Wang ( directly and make an inquiry. She will best be able to answer.

  • Hi. Can this gateway work with AU915 and US915 frequencies? I know that is the same frequency, but I dont know the diference between them (AU & US). Thank you in advance.

    The answer is yes.

  • Can RAK7243C Pilot Gateway - LoRa-4G - EU433 run in frequency US915? My mistake is buying EU433 but I need US915, I hope you can give details information about my problem, thanks.

    No. The RAK7243 has different hardware for the Low and High bands of LoRa, thus the EU433 will not work with the US815 band. It might be possible to exchange it, however, the delivery cost will not be the responsibility of RAKwireless. Perhaps Nancy Wang could advise further. You can contact her here:

  • How about power consumption? For quick and dirty tests I want to run this box (lte version) with a power bank.

    If you are going to use the LTE mode, no Wi-Fi on, I would estimate around:
    Idle - ~1A
    Forwarding - 1.5A and up

  • How many packets the RAK7243C can support per day? and how will standard shipping to Saudi Arabia take?

    The number of packets per day depends on the number of nodes, channels used, length of the packets, etc. In theory, thousands or as much as the backhaul limit is.

  • Does this gateway has PoE features?

    No. RAK7243C Pilot Gateway does not support Power-over-Ethernet. If you need this functionality, we recommend RAK7258 which supports PoE.

  • This comes with SD card with OS required?

    The RAK7243C Gateway should have an 16GB SD card included. However it has no software installed.
    You can easily do so by following the manual linked below:

    Version without LTE:

    Version with LTE:

    We consider this a better approach as it means you will have access to the latest firmware when the Gateway arrives.
    In case you have issues flashing and configuring the gateway, let me know and you will get assistance.

  • How long to ship the product to the destination of Bangkok THAILAND via standard shipping ?

    Standard shipping is generally within a week. This still depends on the product you select, however. I would suggest you make your inquiry directly to

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