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RAK833 LPWAN Gateway Concentrator Module
RAK833 LPWAN Gateway Concentrator Module
RAK833 LPWAN Gateway Concentrator Module

RAK833 LPWAN Gateway Concentrator Module

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RAK833 is a fully-fledged LoRaWAN® concentrator module. It is very similar in function to the larger RAK831 module. However, it has a number of advantages over its bigger brother.

It has a smaller footprint due to the fact it is in the industry-standard PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe) form factor. This makes it suitable for integration in customer equipment 3rd party routers, development boards. It is perfect for small series testing and integration into measurement equipment (tablets/laptops for drive testing, metering, etc).

Complete documentation of this product can be found on our website documentation page.

Key Features

  • SX1301 provides 8 uplink and 1 downlink LoRa demodulation paths
  • Max Tx Power of 20dBm
  • RX sensitivity of -136dBm
  • Full LoRaWAN® 1.0.2 stack support
  • Compact size in the form of a mPCIe 52pin form factor card
  • Compatible with 3.3V mPCIe type slots, common for 3G/LTE modules
  • With an option for SPI interface board or both SPI and USB interfaces
  • Perfect for a Plug-and-Play Setup when used together with the mPCIe to USB adapter (check this option above to include the board)


    • Product Dimensions: 30mm x 50.95mm
    • Product Weight: 0.1kg
    • Inclusions:
      • 1pc RAK833-SPI
      • 1pc IPEX Antenna

    Questions and Answers

    • RAKWireless RAK833 SPI&USB - you state below this requires MOQ. What would be the pricing and MOQ quantity for the 868 or 915 version of this device?

      Yes, did you complete the design for RAK833? Can you switch to RAK2247?

    • When RAK833 Gateway Module - SPI/USB - EU868 would be available again?

      I saw your inquiry for rak833 when it will be available for order for 868M. We would like to recommend you to use RAK2247 to replace:   RAK2247 include the heat sink, this because SX1301 chip is high surface temperature and may impact on the system stability if the dispassion not efficacy RAK2247 have better-receiving sensitivity RAK2247 price is lower than RAK833  RAK833 is old generation product, we now recommend all our existing customer to use RAK2247 to replace. We still produce RAK833 but we need MOQ since not many customer uses this model now. If you can use RAK2247, our life cycle is 8 years and we don’t have a requirement for MOQ.     Pls see the document for RAK2247 here:

    • Sir, how is different from RAK831?

      Below are the main differences in the parameters in addition to the RAK833 being a mPCIe form factor board.

      RAK 833 Max Tx Power of 20dBm RX sensitivity of -136dBm RAK831
      Rx Sensitivity down to -139 dBm (@293bps) Tx Power up to 23 dBm

    • Hi. I bought this module and try to use it in Lora P2P mode, but I cannot find a way to make it work? Is this model compatible with the module? Is there any specific configuration? Thanks.

      This is a Gateway module. LoRAWAN Gateways are not meant to work in P2P mode. This is not an end device, rather an AP of sorts, thus the lack of P2P capabilities.

    • What is confusing me in the datasheet is Figure 3 (page 6) where SPI interface is on bottom side (pins 10, 12, 14, 16), so it is not according to pinout table (Table 3). Which one is correct? I assume it is Table 3. Thanks

      It would appear there is an error, the table is indeed correct.

    • Hi. Is it possible to use this module with the mPCIe of a small-sized pc with an Intel Atom or Celeron and a Linux distribution on it? Thanks

      Yes, it is indeed possible, here is the guide:

      The instructions are identical for RAK2247 and RAK833. As a matter of fact, I would recommend getting the RAK2247 if you have not yet purchased the RAK833. The RAK is the next-gen, upgraded module, so its performance is superior.

    • Hi, I want to use the gw module in an embedded computer with an mPCIe slot, running under Ubuntu 18. Is there any installation guide how to configure the module and install the necessary packages (packet_forwarder and so on), similar to the one provided for the Raspberry Pi? Thanks in advance and regards Daniel

      You can refer to the linked document. It will set up the packet forwarder for you with it pointing to TTN, with the band set to EU868 by default.

    • Hello, we have bought a rak833 board from Amazon Italy ( Is this version an SPI/USB or a SPI only? How can we identify it? Can be plugged into mPCIe to USB Board? Can be plugged directly into a PC with a PCIe slot? Thanks

      The version of the board is normally shown on the sticker. However, since you bought this from a 4th party retailer we can not ascertain got its validity. It is best you asked the seller. You can plug it into a PC's PCIe slot, however, only the SPI/USB version of the board will work with a mPCIe to USB converter board.

    • I am interested in the RAK833 SPI/USB mPCIe. Does this device have drivers for Windows and Linux? Is there documentation of command set? Getting started document references Raspberry Pi. Is there a document for generic x86 system? Am I able to configure 1x RAK833 as Tx and 1x RAK833 as Rx to send data?

      You have receive an answer to your question via email.

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