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IO Extension Cable

IO Extension Cable


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Product Description

The RAK19008 is a WisBlock IO Extension Cable used to position WisBlock IO modules apart from the WisBlock Base Board. This helps to eliminate the influence of other WisBlock modules from sensors that measure environmental data. The advantage of using RAK19008 is to enable the design of a new enclosure that exposes WisBlock IO slot directly to the environment without problems.

Product Features

  • 120 mm length FPC (Flat Printed Circuit) board
  • All signals of the 40-pin Slot connector are available
  • Compatible with many WisBlock Base Board with 40-pin WisConnector
  • Easy click and use application



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Questions and Answers

  • Can this cable also be used on the power slot? For example to space out the power module like the RAK19012 away from the base board.

    This cable fits to the Power Slot connector. However, we recommend that you perform full testing on your usecase/configuration since the flexible connection has limited current capacity and might introduced voltage drop on high current applicaiton. If you are operating in low power application, this might not be a problem.

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