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WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit | The Basic Meshtastic Kit for LoRa
WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit | The Basic Meshtastic Kit for LoRa
WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit | The Basic Meshtastic Kit for LoRa
WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit | The Basic Meshtastic Kit for LoRa

WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit

The Basic Meshtastic Kit for LoRa

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Introducing the New and Upgraded Meshtastic Starter Kit! Now featuring a superior 2dBi rubber antenna for enhanced range and connectivity.

Why the upgrade? Understanding the evolving needs of our users, we've added one more high-gain antenna—the 2dBi Rubber Antenna—to the kit to boost connection reliability.

Interested in joining the Meshtastic network?

Meshtastic is an off-grid messaging system using inexpensive hardware to create your mesh. Radios forward messages to the next node to distribute them over the network. Communicate kilometers/miles between nodes. Internet-connected relay nodes enable the conversation to move online too.

Start immediately with our Meshtastic Starter Kit in a few steps.

  1. We offer the RAK4631 (Nordic nRF52840) Core modules.
  2. Select the Base Board you want to start with. The smallest Base Board RAK19003 is perfect for the Meshtastic Client or Router role. The RAK19007 is a good start if you want to extend the Meshtastic device with additional modules. And if you want to go big, the RAK19001 with Dual IO slots is ready for many sensors and IO slot modules.
  3. Select additional modules to go with your Meshtastic Starter Kit. We prepared variants for the different roles within the Meshtastic network.

Of course you can add other WisBlock modules to your selection as well. In the Meshtastic Documentation you can find a list of WisBlock modules that are supported.

Choose one of our Unify Enclosures for a perfect protection of your Meshtastic device from the Unify Enclosure Collection.

Note: If you plan to utilize the RAK11200 (ESP32) or RAK11310 (Raspberry RP2040) Core modules with the Meshtastic firmware, we recommend ordering the modules separately and flashing the Meshtastic Firmware yourself.


  • WisBlock Core Module
    • RAK4631 Nordic nRF52850 WisBlock Core module, pre-flashed with the Meshtastic firmware
  • WisBlock Base Board variants
    • RAK19003 Mini Base Board, 30x35mm with two Sensor Slots (no IO slot available)
    • RAK19007 WisBlock Base Board, 30x60mm with 4 sensor slots and 1 IO slot
    • RAK19001 WisBlock Base Board, 57x60mm with 6 sensor slots and 2 IO slots
  • WisBlock Module bundles, based on Meshtastic network roles
  • Meshtastic Basic and Router-Repeater Role
    • No additional modules
  • Meshtastic Client Role
    • RAK1921 OLED display
  • Meshtastic Tracker Role
    • RAK12500 GNSS location module
    • RAK1904 acceleration sensor
  • Meshtastic combined Client-Tracker Role
    • RAK12500 GNSS location module
    • RAK1904 acceleration sensor
    • RAK1921 OLED display
  • Meshtastic Router-Repeater Role with Ethernet & PoE
    • RAK13800 Ethernet Module
    • RAK19018 Ethernet PoE Module


  • 1pc WisBlock Base
  • 1pc WisBlock Core 
  • 1pc Rubber LoRa Antenna
  • 1pc PCB LoRa Antenna
  • 1pc BLE Antenna
  • Select your sensor module before ordering


Questions and Answers

  • Hi 1. How does the rubber antenna connect to the base or the module? 1. Is BLU antenna included?

    1. The Rubber Antenna is connected to the Core module via IPEX to RP-SMA pigtail.

    2. BLE PCB Antenna is included on the RAK4631 based WisBlock Core.

  • There are a "SOLAR" conector, it includes an MPPT?

    No. The solar connector is going to a TP4054 which is a linear single cell Li-Ion charger IC. The WisBlock Baseboard has no MPPT charging built-in.

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