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WisBlock is a modular system that makes it easy to implement low power wide area network (LPWAN) into your IoT solution. WisBlock is going with your solution all the way from rapid prototyping to mass production without the need to create new hardware modules for each step.

WisBlock is build up on a WisBlock Base board, a platform carrier that allows easy plug-in of one WisBlock Core processing board and multiple WisBlock modules. WisBlock Base provides the power supply, battery and solar panel supplies and charging block. In addition, it has connectors for programming and debugging.

The data processing center of WisBlock. All WisCore modules offer LoRa®/LoRaWan® communication.

WisBlock Wireless Modules extend the communication capabilities of WisBlock with the offered WiFi and cellular modem modules. Also, these modules can fit into the IO slot of the WisBlock Base Boards.

The data acquisition modules of WisBlock. It includes analog, digital and environmental as well as location acquisition sensors.

WisBlock Interface modules provide your application with interfaces to other systems using digital and analog inputs and industry standards like RS485 or 4-20mA communication.

WisBlock Display modules add visual display options to WisBlock. WisBlock Display offers graphic displays and LED’s for WisBlock solutions.

WisBlock Extra modules are add-ons for WisBlock. This category includes extension cables, real-time clock, and other useful modules.

WisBlock Storage extends the memory capabilities of WisBlock solutions with different storage options like Flash, EEPROM, or SD-Card slots.

WisBlock Power Modules extend the power supply options available for WisBlock. Whether you need wireless charging or want to use an alternative green energy resource, the WisBlock Power Modules offer you such solutions. Moreover, a power supply option for external sensors is available as well.